1.0 / August 4, 2017
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Hey incredible hero - Surround your gangster mafia enemies to coveryour trails in this ring fighting scenario for incrediblesuperhero. Like all super heroes games .. this anti terrorist maniais a simulation that seeks justice for civilians in this league ofcity war. This Captain Superhero vs. thugs & criminals .. isready to earn a name in list of master Strange hero in thisfighting simulation. With dangerous enemies and multiple criminalactivities proceeding on with mafia gangs working in darkness. Sostart incredible monster fight to be a smash hero & play withheroic skills. An ultimate showdown --- You be the city fighter inthis incredible hero game. a.k.a. Captain Superhero City Chase. Donot let monster super villains or mad city mafia to loot anddestroy big city like NYC as you be the incredible hero. Smash theincredible monster fight and be an action warrior against mutantcrime. There are power level to win eternity to be ninja assassin.In each arena, you have to defeat thugs or gangsters as your are inring fighting to become ultimate superhero champion. Stop maliciouswar in marvelous city be using your fighting skills as a valianthero. Be Captain Superhero City Chase to defeat super villains.Thedying city needs a new warrior soldier with battle monsterinstincts to defeat super villains. Yes this fight game needsvaliant hero in smashing monster to make future battle to come toan end. Monster legends have ended up prison war and so be a cityfighter to be winner of devilish control in this hero smash. Gametips & tricks of ninja warrior in epic fighting action are as:-Stop City-wide crime spree- Nefarious villains, thugs and terrorist– make the be scared of our incredible hero- Crazy acrobaticfighting- Reviving mankind history in the greatest battles- Be apowerful beast with new fearless courage you have to protectcivilians- Use Maneuvering strategy - Killer game with fightingadventure- Survival horror so switch on the killing spree Tip guideyour instincts to be Captain Superhero in this dark City Chasewhich needs to be saved from smashing monsters.

App Information Captain Superhero City Chase – Incredible Hero Sim

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    Captain Superhero City Chase – Incredible Hero Sim
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    August 4, 2017
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    Android 2.3 and up
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