1.0 / January 13, 2017
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Easy game just to touch the screenApparently addictive simple for.

App Information Climbing Tofu free jump action

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    Climbing Tofu free jump action
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    January 13, 2017
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    Android 2.3.3 and up
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    TerracehouseSHIMEI3, 32, Koyama Nakamizocho, Kita-ku Kyoto-shi, Kyoto, 603-8156, Japan
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Mr. tofu 3.8 APK
By your side always . Mr. tofu .You can increase the food , and playing with tofu bashing game,Let 's grow the tofu chillin .I will evolve into a variety of tofu by how to grow your . ( 23species )Tofu capture feature added.Once you have evolved into tofu to my favorite ♪ tried to catchwith a netTofu I caught you will be able to breeding at any time ^ ^----------- Update schedule ------------Update , such as that of the bug , varioushttp://madm958.blogspot.jp/2013/09/blog-post_22.htmlHow to Play ----------- ------------Grass or flies, insects or you will come flying in the field.Please pull out the grass . You can get the money Clean increases.Please give take them at the dog grabbed the insect .Clean up the dog to eat , I get the money .You can buy food with the money earned , or the like. Rajipandari.While traveling , please give waiting for evolution patiently.Also of interest in the game seared tofu spare time . I get themoney .---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------I muttered update status , and update information .Follow me!http://twitter.com/maasama_comError ReportingI correspond as much as possible if you can e-mail [email protected] handling tofu 's list9/ 15 updatehttp://madm958.blogspot.com/2013/09/blog-post.htmlQ & AQ, Is this a Tamagotchi ?Different A..Q, Is this alpaca brother ?Different A..Q, this mew it? Puss is coming out ?A. to enjoy . About the authorityandroid.permission.ACCESS_NETWORK_STATEandroid.permission.INTERNETI use to display ads .We do not use it for other purposes .android.permission.READ_EXTERNAL_STORAGEandroid.permission.WRITE_EXTERNAL_STORAGEWhen you share a character , I use because you want to save theimage .We do not use it for other purposes .
Treesan2 1.821 APK
================= [Now release! ] ======================== "Treesan2" is a handy "tree” Cultivation app for free. Are you grow a lotof the tree? ▼ kind of tree is more than 50 kinds! Let's find afavorite tree! ▼ Cultivation is very easy. Only pour the water. ▼and pour the water tree will grow. ▼ will grow in a variety of woodby increasing the fertilizer to grow the trees. ▼ trying to shareyour photos! By photographing a tree, it can be shared by LINE andTwitter! Everyone to Let to show off in front of my tree! ▼Download and basic play free play fee app.   ▼ this youRecommended! - Like tree  - Anytime, anywhere you want to behealed!  I want to play, chillin The game is also recommendedfor women. In day-to-day life, please be healed by all means inthis app.
TofuFarm 1.67 APK
«(Play)»It will put the eggs from ① box↓② it will wait for threehours. ()↓③ tofu's birth!↓④ born tofu Mr. you can synthesize andgrow⑤ eggs GET of new tofu's a synthetic!Aim is a picture bookcomplete.Tofu's you can go to explore the forest.Also come to finda new tofu's eggs in the expedition? ? ?When you discover the beansbeans of forest will be able to cultivate the beans (soy).Beanswill evolve with time. If you leave Hoo~tsu, you journey. Watchout! !and fostering the beans can also be grown in farm! ?Q &AQ, Is this a Tamagotchi?A. You difference.Q, Is this alpacabrother?A. You difference.Q, do you go out sunfish? ?A. not out.Q,the Nyanko? Nyanko to go out?A. Please look forward to.
TreeSan 6.667 APK
I can play easily chillin's Treesan is the "tree" training game.Tree's, will continue to grow just to raise the water. Bee thatappears on the screen, will be money when you tap. Let's try tolevel up and watering can and saving money It is be a good thingand something is grown until the end.
すまほみくじ 1.2 APK
スマホでおみくじ♪毎日楽しめるおみくじです。現在のバリエーションは約120種類。インターネットに接続しなくても楽しめます。ーーー使い方ーーーーーーーボタンを押す。くじが出てくるまで、ボタンを押すマナーモードの際は音が出ないようにしています。ーーー更新予定ーーーーーー1、バリエーションの追加(最終的には1000パターンを予定)2、履歴機能3、はい。ーーー注意ーーーーーーーー万が一エラーなどが発生した際はレポートまたはメール頂ければ対応させていただきます。ーーー検索ワードーーーーーーーーおみくじ,占い,くじ引き,運試し,♪ fortune in smartphoneIt is a fortune to be able to enjoy every day.Variation of the current about 120 different.I can enjoy without being connected to the Internet.ーーー use ーーーーーーーI press the button.Lottery to come out, I press the buttonSound has that you do not come out during the silent mode.ーーー update schedule ーーーーーー1, (scheduled for 1000 pattern eventually) add variation2, history function3, yes.ーーー Note ーーーーーーーーSupports if you can e-mail or report when such emergency erroroccursI will do.ーーー search word over over over over over over over overFortune, fortune, lottery, and try your luck,
Tofu-Puzzle 3.01 APK
Tofu's is now puzzle. SameGame and style of puzzle games, and Noyou play and puzzles to extinguish by connecting. --- Usual puzzle--- Let's turn off the touch the tofu who adjacent up, down, leftand right. Extinguish all and the game is clear. --- Chain puzzle--- Clear Once off 50 Both able to compete for a high score.
Simple flashlight TOUFU 1.2 APK
It is a simple application that can belaunched with one click backlighting smartphone.It is a simple bootable further can be also set in thewidget.Error and killed when encountered, when you can contact:secretlyI hope.It supports as much as [email protected]
ねぎたま。まったり系放置育成ゲーム 1.4 APK
とある島で玉ネギから妖精が産まれたたま。ちょっと育ててみるネギか?お手軽に無料で遊べるたまねぎ系育成ゲームです。簡単操作で育成ゲーム初心者でも楽々プレイ!好きなときに好きなタイミングで遊べます-----遊び方-----*時間経過で湧いてくるレタスを収穫、コインゲット*コインでスロット、ストーンゲット(しなくてもストーンはゲットできます)*ねぎたまちゃんを旅行(淡路島}に連れて行く*旅行先(淡路島}でストーンゲット!⇒ストーンを使って進化!-----こんな方にオススメ-----玉ネギ好きな人タマネギ好きな人たまねぎ好きな人。ネコが出てこなくても許せる人。Tamathe fairy was born from the onion in the phrase island.Or greenonion to try a little brought up?It is a handy onion-based traininggame that can play for free.Easy to play even in the breeding gamebeginners easy operation!You can play with like timing at anytime----- How to Play -----* Harvest the lettuce that gives riseover time, coins get* Slot in the coin, Stone get (even if notStone I can get)Take to travel (Awaji Island} a * Negitama chan*Stone get the travel destination (Awaji Island}!⇒ evolution usingthe Stone!----- Recommended for those who like -----People you likeonionPeople onion FavoriteOnion lovers.People who forgive evenwithout come out cat.