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Dark Panther is a superhero that comes from the African continentand wears a special armor to perform the action. He drank a specialpotion to make it strong. Dark panther has a pretty good martialknowledge ranging from taekwondo, karate, and boxing. Dark armorpanther made of special material makes it immune to some attacks.Dark panther has a fairly high technology knowledge than any othersuperhero. Previously, he was only in action for his own nation,but now he has opened up and joined together with Ironhero,Spiderhero, Thunder God, Darkhero, Bulk and friends. Now, they areready to fight the danger that will strike on earth.Wolveren is amutant who has a very high regeneration ability. Because of hisexcellent ability, he was captured and made a guinea pig. His bodyinjected various kinds of materials harmful to humans. In the end,the wolveren bone is inserted a very strong metal that isadamantium. The metal makes the body very strong. The clawsappeared in his hand. Wolveren now has a remarkable power ofregeneration and combat power. Wolveren and his friends are readyto climb the crime.The earth is in a dangerous state. Threats fromwithin and outside the earth were more and more. Every day,superheroes are filled with special tasks to protect theinhabitants of the earth. The task of superheroes is tough, but forlove and justice to remain, they are ready to act.Feature:- Play asDarkPanther or Wolveren for action- Amazing 2D graphics andanimations- Great challenge your friend in 2 player mode- Awesomeachievements- Become the best superhero in 2018 and beyond- Intensefights and epic combat- Intense and great battle music- Coolweapons and costumes- Absolutely FREE to play!it is time for you tojoin the superheroes to save the world from danger and threats. Canyou become a legend superhero and save the world?.And as always,don't forget to check our other defensive games by Gunaga on GooglePlay

App Information Dark Panther vs Wolveren

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    Dark Panther vs Wolveren
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    March 20, 2018
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    Android 4.1 and up
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    Dukuh Setro 7A / 49 Surabaya, East Java Indonesia 60134
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The Armored Darkhero is a superhero that lives in a shadow of a batcave. He is a normal human but with superhuman strength and power.His fighting and combat ability as a hero is beyond measure.Darkhero loves justice and bats so much since he was a kid. Thishero works in the dark, to serve the light. As a dark knight, hecan do many martial arts such as taekwondo, karate, boxing,kickboxing, and many other street fighting technique. At night heworks by punishing the bad guys, gang members, and other league ofcriminals and put them on jail. He has a special armor only to beused to fight another superhero.The Flying Superhero is an avengingalien with inhuman strength, power, and ability to fly. He can flyas fast as a bullet, and he is bulletproof. With a strength ofthousands of normal human, his fighting ability is unimaginablypowerful. The Flying Superhero doesn't really like bat since he wasa kid, but he sure love justice. This hero doesn't know much of amartial arts and other fighting technique, but his mutant powerfulstrength, he can punish many other criminals, gang members, and badguys alike, all for justice.Those two heroes are going to meet eachother. Who would be the best superhero of all?Featuring:- Afantastic 2D graphics with 3D like effects- Play as the Darkhero orthe Flying Superhero- Defeat gang members and thugs- Amazingcontrols- Incredible smooth animations- Up to 6 costumes to unlock-Up to 14 missions to completeMan, dont forget to check our othergames on Google Play by Gunaga.
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