Venkateshwara Rao Apps

Telugu Stotras 2.1
The application is for those who like to read the stotras daily oroften. The stotras are written in Telugu. The app contains thefollowing stotras:1. Hanuman chaleesa2. Anjaneya Dandakam3. Lingaashtakam4. Bilvaashtakam5. Shivaashtakam6. Vishvanaathaashtakam7. Chandrashekharaashtakam8. Shiva panchaakshari stotram9. Dvaadasha jyothirlinga stotram10. Ashtalakshmi stotram11. Sri venkateshwara stotram12. Sri Venkateshwara Suprabhatam13. Mahishaasura mardhini stotram14. Mahalakshmi ashtakam15. Saraswathi stuthi16. Govinda naamalu17. Aachamanam18. Nitya puja vidhaanam19. Annapurna Stotram20. Navagraha Stotram21. Suryashtakam22. Sai chaleesa23. Mantra Pushpam24. Madhurashtakam25. Krishnaashtakam26. Lalitha sahasranaamam27. Vishnu sahasranaamam28. Aditya hrudayam29. Aaditya kavacham30. Sree SookthamUnlike other telugu apps which uses telugu images, this app usespure telugu font and telugu characters.This is my first android app. Please post comments so that Iimprovise this app. More slokas and stotras will be added in futureversions. Trying to embed audio also in the upcoming versions.The app contains two options:1. Increase or decrease text size.2. Theme (background) Selection.
Sai Aarti (Harathi) 1.1
The application has sai baba harathi intelugu. Now no need to carry Harathi book while attending Sai babaAarti in temple. Aartis are written in telugu.Swipe left or right to go to next page or previous page.Following Aartis are present in the app:1. Kaakad Aarti2. Madhyan Aarti3. Sandhya Aarti4. Shej AartiIn Preferences you can set the font size and the the next Version i will update with english support.
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