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The best bottle shooters… are you?? Then let the game of shootingarchery begin. Show your finest moves in the shooting skills andprove that you are an expert bottle shooter master.It is achallenging shooting game, you have to take an aim on the bottle orany other shooting archery and shoot them all in one attack. Thebottles are going to be flipping so fast that it would may get abit difficult for you if you are not a trained shooter. You have toshoot the extreme flipping bottles one by one and win the mission.The real bottle shooter hunt champion can play this game becausethe bottles are being kept on the man and if by mistake you wouldunable to focus on the archer bottle then it will hurt or kill thatperson and your game will be over and may be you will be gotjailed.It’s your chance to make a record by biting the timeduration which is made by others in blasting the bottle game. It isa game of dare and if you are strong enough and have guts in facingthe harder and dangerous situations then be a part of thisthrilling and breaking the super bottle archery. An ultimate topbottle shooting animation game, this game is for shooter lovers andwill find realistic bottle archery crusher environment in it.Youhave to shoot the bottles with a sharp arrow by swiping hard enoughso that it would easily hit to the real target and make you win thelevel. Features:• Different levels to un-lock• 3D camera view andsound system• Perfect sniper aiming• Endless game

App Information Expert bottle shooter archery

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    Expert bottle shooter archery
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    July 5, 2017
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    Android 2.3 and up
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    O2 Studio
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    MM Alam Road, Gulbarg 3, Lahore
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Elite Army Training School 1.1 APK
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Are strong enough? Accept the challenge of the difficult elite armytraining school and let see are you worth it or not in the heavyarmy training session.This is a practice session in the army combattraining school for preparing in the military commando war. Youhave to face different levels in it, there are sections in the IGIarmy combat training school and you have to pass all those missionsto become a brave and strong army commando.Sections of modern armytraining:• Training exercise for climbing skills• Overcomethrilling fire hurdles• Multiple explosive mines on track• Avoidyourself from heavy masonry• Jumping over the military tank• Andlots of more electrifying and stirring ranks, you will going tohave in this elite army base camp.After that there is also lots ofstuff coming on your way in the commando military training and youwill have to attempt all the phases one after the other and itsgood for you to participate with the new zeal because that willhelp you in accomplishing the task which is given to you in theschooling of the elite combat training.In this free duty traininggame, you will also going to learn the:• Shooting skills• Pushups•Net climbing and rolling and many more hurdles of the camping ofBCTA very stressing and hectic training indeed. Are you ready forsuch extreme armed based camp? You have to maintain your staminaand strength to become a best army soldier. In this ultimatetraining simulation, you will handle many challenges and stunts andmake sure that you perform the entire task with great presence ofmental and physical strength in this most adventures game oftraining duty of soldiers.Features: • Real army hero’s trainingcamp• Many levels and daring missions to face• 3d environment andcamera setting• War sound system
Commando Sniper Assassin: Perfect Shoot Down 1.0 APK
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Terrorist are crossing their limits. You are a master assassin, asthe one and only Sniper, hired to infiltrate secure locations andeliminate high-profile terrorists. You’ll work side by side todismantle terrorists and rogue states that conventional forcescan’t touch. Perform best shoot downs and follow your only rule:Honor The Duty.They are destroying all the headquarters andspreading terror in the country. It’s the time that you as a combatcommando have to save the world from all the dangerous bomb blastand the enemies.You have to beat them all. In this game of the armysniper striker, you have an assigned on a secret mission. In thisbattle of war zone, you as a frontline warrior have to target thebad people and shot them. Do not let anyone criminal escape fromthe battleship. You will have to defeat all the main power lines ofcontrol of your enemy.This responsibility has given to you becauseyou are the brave solider of your army sniper force. You as anelite assassin sniper performing this operation as a secret warrioragent and break down all the plans of the enemies in to failure.Take your best sniper shooting gun for this warfare and you mayalso gather you’re finest armed military patrolling team for thisarmy camp. It is a full hardcore war and you have to show no mercyin it.Use all your shooting skills and techniques for the perfectshoot. Do not let anyone see you, perform this mission as a maskman and you should be sharp and quick in your performance because alittle late will cause you a great security issue and the opponentswill get high alert and all their tanks and army forces will comeand you will be defeated.The rivals are very clever in their moves,they have apache helicopters, choppers but does not worry you willalso have the heavy army weapons like missiles, antitank rocketlaunchers, pistols and many more dangerous army guns. Save theworld from such horror. Make this world an example of peace.Enjoythe game of the sniper and become the hero of the sniper killingsurvival commando. You have to show the stability and calmness inyour any move. Full of adventures hurdles and turns you will see inthe free sniper game.Features:• Full 3D sniper swat combat eyemission• Amazing controlling machine gun and camera view• Differentlevels to discover• War fighting sound system
Off-road ambulance driving sim 1.0 APK
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Are you a responsible citizen? Then drive the city ambulance racinggame and save your loved once.There will be going to have full useof your driving skills on the heavy traffic jams roads in this freetraffic racer game. So, hurry so that no innocent patient orinjured person passes away from their lives. You as a top cityrescue ambulance driver have to rescue the people which get injuredin the accident or any other incident. This is a very seriousresponsibility for you to serve as a rescuer and give the hospitalduty properly.In this game of ambulance rush, you have to be alertall the time and you should be expert in your steering handlingbecause that will help you in reaching your destination in time.Make sure that while offering these services you do not have theother people because that will be mark as your negativity. So,prepare yourself for the ambulance call at any time.There aredifferent scenarios in the accident:• It would be a car accident•Street fighting damage• Bomb blast • Off-road accident emergencyThis game is full of crazy incidents. Anything can happen at anytime. So, it is a duty of full 44x7 hours. The injured people arewaiting for the rescue 911, which will safely drive them passingthrough all the difficulties to the hospital. There are many levelsin this game and each mission will have the opposite situations.There will be so many hurdles and tunnels, you will going to facebut you should be in your time because the little lack of time fromyou side will harm the people who get hurt in the accident.You alsokeep in mind that, there will be so much traffic in your way so youshould know the skills or technique of how you will get over it andreached on time.Features:• Sound of ambulance sirens• Reverse andfront 3D camera view• Choose ambulance of your choice• And manymore
City criminal robbery 1.00 APK
O2 Studio
A big robbery escape planning is held, go get them bustedIf you arelooking for a game that is full of action, crime and robbery thenthis is really a perfect one for you. Now, get ready for chasingand make a plan to catch the robbers. Play as a Police inspector toterminate the city crime scene as the robbers are spread all overthe city.YOU, AS A POLICE INSPECTOR:• Arrest the city criminalrobbers• Responsible for ensuring security and peace in the city•Responsible for the safety of the citizens• Make sure to reach assoon as possible on the crime spotYour task as a police inspectoris to arrest the mafia from the city and throw them in the prison.Your main objective is to control the whole situation and make surethat the other citizens of the city won’t get hurt. All we knowthat a country is called a peaceful country if its cities are safeand without any criminal history. So Police inspector must bringpeace in the city. In this game, your duty is same as the realpolice inspector. Play this game to dodge the mafia and therobbers. Arrest them before they have a new plan in their criminalminds. Go on the crime scene before the criminals escape from thecriminal scene. The streets are ruled by the criminals, mafia andgangsters so complete the mission to save the city for more crimes,mystery cases, robbery and murders.Get ready to play this epicCriminal escape robbery. throw the criminal robbers to the jail.Grab your gun so that they cannot escape from the criminal policechase missions. Complete the missions to tackle the situation onthe crime scene and get a chance to catch the robbers before theyrun away.The game is all about the fast action. You have to be highalert all the time because everything can happen anytime so sharpenup your mind to make a sudden plan for sudden incident. FEATURES:•It is a 3D criminal chasing game• Police car for the inspector•Road map is given to the inspector for searching the crime scene•Choose a police car of your own choice• 10 missions with differentlevel of difficulty• Police inspector has shooting weapons
Multi level Street Car Simulator - Parking Mania 1.0 APK
O2 Studio
Want to test and learn your smart car parking skills, then be apart of the most amazing smart multi level car parking game. It’s amulti storey and multi level car parking simulation game and aftercompleting all the smart car parking levels, surely you will becomethe master of an easy multi level city car parking game.The veryfirst step is that, you have to follow the rules and regulations ofthe car shifting and want to be perfect in it:• Driving insurancefor the city car parking simulator• Must know the basic steps likeclutches, brakes, gear• Counting of gears• And all the basicinformation of top 3d car games It’s really a smart multi level carparking simulator game and you will find a lot of fun in learningthe cheap car parking gratis. You have to understand the ethics ofreal car parking in the parking mania. Realistic environment willbe given to you and there is a proper road path on which you haveto drive the foxy sports car parker. You have to complete yourlevel in the perfect time zone and un-lock the next stage of thereal car parking 3D .You will be excited and fully become a trainedreal multi level car parker after completing all the missions ofthe crazy and speedy car parking simulator. You have to face allthe obstacles in this game and safely clear all the levels of thesmart multi storey car parking zone.Get trained and do all thedrifting, drafting and zigzag around the traffic cones and alongall that stuff you will become a great car park rider. It’s a newversion of learning the multi-level car driving simulator and muchbetter than the old one daily parking. It’s an epic chance we areoffering to you to be a master in becoming an ultimate super driverof the multi level parking era. Do not get scared, it’s not adriving school or else. It is a free game of parking the car soenjoy the adventurous latest car riding series.Features:• Differentluxurious cars for driving• Multiples levels to discover• 3d cameraview and sound system• Great grip on the steering• Reverse gear andhorn
Off-road hilly bus sim 1 APK
O2 Studio
Ready for the tour on different happening locations? Then drive into the public off-road bus simulator.You as an expert driverappointed you a challenge to drive the offroad bus on the rough andzigzag off-roads. Drive safe and reach on time on your desiredlocation. There will be so much fun and you will get a goodexperience of the driving tours. In the game of the free off-roadbus driving, there are:• 9 different levels to play• Bus standstop• And lots of other features You have to battle against timeand win the level of hilly offroad bus simulator. You have to pickup the tourist or the passengers from the off-road bus stop andthen drive them to their destination. The extreme off-road mountaindriving is very much a risky task so let yourself give a trail toget experience this unique game of this coaching off-road busdriving. Off-road tourist is waiting for you, go get a ride andmake sure that you should be on time because remember it’s themission against the time and you will be driving the offroad bus onthe hills and also on mountains.It’s a 4x4 vehicle bus. Becomfortable and relax while driving the party bus simulator. Ineach lab of the 3d offroad bus game you will have to take thepassengers and drive them to their work location. You will not findany difficulty in getting the directions because for your helpthere are direction arrows which will drive you to the exactlocation where the tourist want to go, so in this realisticcoaching offroad bus game, ride your bus on the mountains and onthe bus with the passengers and get tourist and yourself amusedwith such a lovely views on the game full of adventures off-roadsnowy and top hilly bus driving tour.This game of riding the coachbus is specially made for you to enjoy and show your skills ofdriving on the dangerous turns of the mountains covered withsnow.Features:• Amazing views• Reverse gear and also the reversecamera available • Easy to handle the bus• Great control on thebrakes, gears and steering• Awesome sound track and 3D camerasystem• Different levels to play• Well-designed bus stop and thebus stand
City Air Flying Ambulance Simulator 1.0 APK
O2 Studio
Have you ever seen a doctor ambulance simulator game with thewings? No? So here is a chance for you to drive an innovativeambulance simulator game driving drop hospitalGet ready to fly andplay the most exciting city sky ambulance simulator game ever. Flyin a doctor ambulance emergency bus by completing multiple levelmissions for saving the patients and provide them first aid in thecity emergency ambulance driving bus, as soon as possible. Take achallenge to drive an ambulance helicopter simulator rescue and goto the place where an ordinary ambulance can’t reach. Moreover,roads also get busy and hectic in week days so there is a lot ofchance for accidents. You have to be completely organized onhighway emergency accident with all medical equipment.Your duty asan off-road impossible ambulance rescue driver:• Be a skillfuldriver • Make sure you have all the required first aid equipment•Rescue the patients in a given time otherwise they will lose theirlives because of you• Pick and drop the patient to hospital if heis in serious condition• Be on time and avoid rash driving It is amultilevel army ambulance helicopter simulator game and also oneimportant thing that other’s lives is in your hands and you have tobe quick in your every skill and you have provided fully aircraftambulance materials and in the beginning you will feel difficultyin driving and handling the impossible ambulance but after one ortwo stages you will fly an airborne within the time duration. Somake yourself ready of flying the rescue emergency vehicles on thehigh-rise building.You will find lots of fun in flying the crazyambulance simulator and feel so much realistic in playing. It is agame of free car-battle game and uses your helicopter pilot skillsin winning the levels of the game. It is an ambulance simulationand do drifting and stunts with your awesome super ambulancedriving simulator.Features:• Tremendous experience with emergencyflying ambulance rescue 3D• City flying Ambulance sirens andregulator system to provide guidance• 3D graphics with easy to usecontrols• Realistic game environment• Different levels for rescuingthe patients