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Come to taste the classic arcade game mode on mobile phone. Useeasy way to control kinds of warplanes to complete many welldesigned stage. You can gain coins by completing tasks and you canuse them to upgrade your warplane or unlock a new one. There aremany classic warplanes come from different countries in thehistory. Different warplanes can bring new feeling in the airbattle.Features:Classic arcade game modeMany kinds of planes can beusedWell-designed mission stagesEasy to play but hard to masterHighdefinition game graphics

App Information Fighter Wings : Sky Raider

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    Fighter Wings : Sky Raider
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    April 14, 2018
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    Android 4.1 and up
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    Charm Tech.
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Zombie Shooter : Fury of War 1.1 APK
Charm Tech.
Dead or alive, save or kill. When the doomsday virus is spread tothis place, you wish to become a hero to save people, or just is aprey which is swallowed by zombies? Crowds of zombies are coming toyou! Lift your gun, open fire to release your fury! Fight foryourself, fight for your families and friends, fight for thehumanity!! Zombie shooter: fury of war is one of FPS zombieshooting game, you need to hunt zombies, keep alive and save thesurvivals. Kinds of weapons can let you hunt zombies by any way youprefer. Whether you like accurate short-bursts or like the rain ofbullets, whether you like a close battle or single shot from longdistance, you can feel good shooting pleasure by using differentguns in this game. On the critical moment, the freezing grenade,time bomb, you can choose suitable equipment to help you to escapefrom the dangerous ground. There are some elements in the scene ofthis game can be interacted by shooting, like you can eliminategroups of zombies by shooting the petrol can, or you can shoot theitem box to get random rewards. The dreadful virus createsdifferent kinds of zombie, there are some zombies like big monsterand some others can fast moving on the ground. There are evenseveral zombie captains can be challenged by you. Fire on theirweakness, it can help you to beat the strongest zombie captain.beat these zombies, find and hunt the zombie captain, then gainrewards and buy more powerful weapon.Exciting and exquisite gamegraphics will make you immerse in this zombie world, pull thetrigger, shoot , gain the rewards, buy new guns, upgrade equipment,you will step on the way of hero!!!Game features:Free FPSgame;Exciting and exquisite game graphics;Different kinds of gunsand equipment;Can switch the scope mode as you wish;Exciting zombieboss fight;
Flying Sword Master 1.0.0 APK
Charm Tech.
Throw your flying knife to the target accurately, and make surethatthe flying knife does not touch the other flying knives, andfeelthe excitement of a dozen flying knives around the target.Thetargetof a variety of different images will make the flying knifewar moreinteresting, prepare, shoot, intersperse in the small gapbetweenthe two flying swords, become the most powerful master offlyingswords.More importantly, constantly upgrade your flyingknife,polishing your weapon, the flying knife will be forged moreand morefine, more and more sharp!Come and feel the feast of theflyingknife challenge! Defeat your friend and become the ultimatemasterof flying swords!Game features:A variety of fine flyingknives andround targets.The blow of a flying knife.Interestingcheckpoints.Getthe sense of accomplishment of the flying knifemaster.
Fighter Wings : Sky Raider 1.1 APK
Charm Tech.
Come to taste the classic arcade game mode on mobile phone. Useeasy way to control kinds of warplanes to complete many welldesigned stage. You can gain coins by completing tasks and you canuse them to upgrade your warplane or unlock a new one. There aremany classic warplanes come from different countries in thehistory. Different warplanes can bring new feeling in the airbattle.Features:Classic arcade game modeMany kinds of planes can beusedWell-designed mission stagesEasy to play but hard to masterHighdefinition game graphics
Death City : Top FPS Shooting Game 1.1 APK
Charm Tech.
The terrorist organization has developed a new type of zombievirus.But the virus accidentally spread, all members of theterroristorganization became the first batch of victims. Allcitizens’ livesare under threat. You are the chosen savior of theorganization. Youeither clear all infected people before the virusspread, or destroythe entire city. Are you ready?! This isdestined to be a difficultjourney of salvation. Just arm yourselfwell. A powerful weapon isthe foundation of survival. You can'texpect to destroy all thezombies with your fists. Pistols, lightmachine guns, assaultrifles, precision shooter rifles, shotguns,submachine guns, sniperrifles…All the weapons are already in thearsenal. To get them, youhave to prove your strength to theorganization. Every corner of thecity has been occupied byzombies. The more zombies you beat, themore likely you are to getmore powerful weapons. Open the gun sightand shoot at zombies’heads. Just show your sniper instinct. Somevirus carriers havegained special abilities. Some of them have veryhigh armor whichwill greatly reduce the power of bullets. Some canlaunchlong-distance attack. Before they pose a threat to you, justaimand shoot! Participate in the daily reward campaigns to earnhighrewards and exchange for more powerful weapons. The moreprecisethe shooting is, the stronger the destructive power. If themissionfailed, the whole city would be destroyed. Only theconfidence andfearless courage can complete the final redemption!Warrior, areyou ready to come and experience this awesomefirst-person shootinggame?! Game features: HD Zombie Invasion SceneHearty shootingfeeling Multiple awesome combat modes Lifelikefirst-personshooting
Death City : Zombie Invasion 1.1 APK
Charm Tech.
The virus broke out and a mutation accident struck suddenly. P Cityis a quiet and peaceful town, but this is only the past. Now it isthe paradise of the dead, the forbidden place of the living. Youwill play as a survival man, and use the gun in your hand beat outa bloody path for you and your companions. You will have twocompanions and join them to make a bloody path. In order tosurvive, cooperation is essential. Sometimes you need to take somedangerous work, but this does not mean that your companions arelazy, they are also struggling to survive. Fortunately, this is nota desperate situation. The DNA of zombies can be used to upgradethe firearms and unlock stronger weapons. These will help youbecome more and more brave and stronger! Don't forget to upgradeand strengthen your weapon after each battle. The environment isalways complex and varied. Cities, rainforests, ruins, highways,every new scene will give you new experience. Every new challengeis a new opportunity. The weak will die, the strong will onlybecome stronger! Beat out a bloody path, survive to the end.Baptize the zombies with a torrent of iron and fire! God willforgive the sins of zombies, now let us send them to see God! Gamefeatures: Refreshing firearm shooting HD city survival map Richstory dialogue Exciting BOSS challenge
Sniper Master : City Hunter 1.0.1 APK
Charm Tech.
The city needs justice, so someone has to act for it. As anelitebest sniper, you should do something, fight all the evilsanddarkness of the city, maintain peace in the city, and become aherosniper. As a sniper, the most important thing is to calm down,openthe eight times scope, aim and pull the trigger. One shot onekill.Find the best location, in a hidden place, open fire when theenemyis not paying attention then shoot. Leave quietly, this isthemission of a sniper. Pay attention to protecting yourself, theevilforces have also hired a group of snipers. They are hiding inthedark and ambushing you - the patron saint of the city. Bepreparedto fight with them and survive to maintain justice andfairness.There are a lot of sins in this city that spread in allcorners.Arm yourself, so that you can handle them in the face ofthem.Gangs, extremists, armed groups, escaped criminals,mercenaries...danger everywhere. Go to forge the best sniper rifle,increase yoursurvivability. End the battle in the quickest way, toensuremaximum survival ability.. You are a sniper, your mission istoattack sin. Your way is to use the sniper rifle in your hand.Yourguideline is to be quick, accurate, ruthless, and only one shotcanend the battle, one shot can protect the security of onearea!Ready to be such a sniper, shoot for justice! Game features:HDscene resources Rich game plot Fascinating levels Fun ofprecisesnipe
Ultimate Revenge : Gun Shooting Games 1.0.0 APK
Charm Tech.
Ultimate Revenge : Gun Shooting Games is a third-person shootergamethat gives players the freedom to control the movement andadjust toautomatic or manual shooting according to their needs.This end ofthe world is not a natural disaster, but a man-madedisaster. TheDark force has created a zombie virus in order toachieve its ownunknown purpose. The virus leaked in an accidentand slowlypenetrated into the whole world in every corner,including the citywhere our protagonist lives. The once vibranttown became the cityof death. The center of the virus source iswhere the Dark force islocated. They have been transformed intothe ultimate zombie BOSS,looking for them, embarking on the roadof revenge, and completingthe ultimate revenge! Revenge requiresstrong equipment support, andonly when you are fully armed, willyou have the opportunity tocomplete the ultimate revenge. First ofall, you have to find apiece of pure land in this last world toprovide you with a steadystream of equipment support. You need agood gun to shoot, so youhave to build your own arsenal, which isused to forge your ownfirearms. The strength of the firearms isthe foundation ofsurvival. Second, farmland, warehouses,laboratories, researchinstitutes, watch towers, and exchanges areall essential. They canproduce equipment, weapons, props, andtalent. These things canincrease the character's health,toughness, dodge, movement speed,attack power, while alsoproviding you with the most directbattlefield support. This roadof revenge is destined to be hard,but you have faith, you are theembodiment of justice. Remember,don't be kind to any zombies, theyneed to be redeemed. All you haveto do is aim, pull the trigger,fire, and use the gun in your handto remove all obstacles on theroad. Only when the final revenge iscompleted, the infectedzombies can be freed, and the city of deathcan regain itsvitality! Set foot on the journey, Warriors, Justiceis waving toyou. Go to survive in this zombie shooting game, andcomplete theultimate revenge to save this city of death!
The Savior : Free Shooting Games 1.2 APK
Charm Tech.
A mysterious meteorite fell in the Z City, no one knows thatthiswill be the beginning of a catastrophe. The meteorite carriedaterrible alien virus. The virus broke out and the Z City wasinturmoil. You received a call for help from the survivor, sheisstill alive! But the situation is extremely dangerous, and nowsetoff to save her! The Z City crisis is heavy, it is moredangerousthan you think! People infected with the virus haveproducedterrible mutations. They have no pain, powerful, fast, andareextremely aggressive against uninfected people. They haveevenevolved even more terrible skills. Lurker can crawl on thewalllike a spider; Joker laughs and plays a deadly killing magic.Nursewears a bloody uniform and pick up the butcher knife. Evensomehave lost the human body, becoming more horrible and moredeadly.The Warriors will not be afraid of the challenge! Onlyindomitablecan you win the final war. Pick up your weapon, hold thegun inyour hand, step on the journey, there are people waiting foryou,and more survivors need your help. Throw away your kindness,pityis a gift to the survivor, and only the killing is enough fortheinfected person. Don't hesitate to fire at the infectedperson!Gunpowder will make them rest, and the roar of iron and firewillbecome their requiem. Come, hold a grand funeral for dead! Youarethe only reinforcement, you are a cold shooter, you are thelastsavior! This will be a stimulating shot contest, keepingyoursniper's sense of smell. Aiming, shooting, firing, ensuringthatall movements are completed in an instant, and there is hopeforsurvival. Come and fight, the Warriors! Save this infected landandsave the invaded citizens. The breath of death will notpermeatefor too long. The final light will come! Pick up the gunand startshooting! NOW! Game Features: Best first person shooterVariousgameplay (Bounty, Sniper, Mainline) HD shooting map Intensesenseof fighting