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Hi boys and girls! Welcome in this Indian duck hunting game. Thissnow wild duck hunting game is based on duck hunter challenge.Indian duck will shoot & kill enemy. Here enemy is penguin. Thegoal of snow wild duck is to shoot & kill maximum penguin. ThisIndian duck hunting game has a beautiful snow environment. In thisduck hunter game, some of levels will be based on historical housesfor shoot penguin by snow wild duck hunter. Other levels will be onhouses interior as well as wild cave. You will enjoy while playingthis duck hunting challenge game. Penguin will be killed by yourduck hunter skills. There are some types of guns in which you willhave to unlock after getting desired scores. One default gun willbe given to Indian duck hunter for shooting & killing penguin.Features:• 3D Indian duck hunting game with beautiful andattractive snow wild duck hunting environment • There are total 8difficult levels in this snow wild duck hunting game • Get requiredscores after shooting and hunting to unlock next level• 7 types ofguns are used for duck hunter challenges

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    Indian Duck Hunting Penguin
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    December 6, 2017
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    Android 2.3 and up
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