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Modern aircraft is the only weapon to save the oppressed city bythefuturistic robotic enemy. This modern day occupied city by therobotarmy from the future have dozens of checkpoints and rocketlaunchersare fixed on rooftops to kill your jets and fighterpilots. FighterJet Tanks Strike War 2018 City Drone Air AssaultShadow Strike Youhave multiple weapons on your futuristic modernaircraft.- power Jetautomatic guns; these are used to eliminatethreat precise, no heatsensor involved, just shoot straight at thetarget with these guns.-Cannons and heat sinkers; Use these todestroy enemy threat in themost difficult possible shootingangles, where the shooting range isout of the normal jet gunscapacity, use these canons to detect andkill the targets.Rain overthe heinous enemy in a surgical strikemanner, before the enemygunship helicopter or plane wrecking cannonlaunchers get intowork, destroy their bases with heavy shelling.Quicker bombshelling is what you need to do to destroy enemy andmake themsurrender to the power of modern aircraft. Intelligentenemy in theform of aliens can sense the modern aircraftapproaching from milesin the jet attack futuristic strike, swishtowards enemy in thecover of buildings and fool them with asurprise attack by the jetsand modern aircraft. Amazing features ofan aircraft battlingsimulation make it the best, Army StealthAttack 2018Features:*Smooth game control* Vivid music is in harmonywith the game* Adddifferent game scenes and power-ups* Realisticaircraft combat gamewith 3D graphics* Feature levels bring youfunExperience the thrillof a fighting futuristic enemy consisted ofaliens.Drone strikesover the enemy has failed due to the limitedcapacity of takingwarheads by the drones. You need bigger cannons,and better arsenalof fine guns and launchers to eliminate the rivalfuture gangs.This is a cleansing mission, take off from the secretbase and flytowards the most dangerous war site ever. don’t crashthe planeinto the tall buildings either. Successful fighter strikerarealways result of best planning and analyzing the map, spotyourenemy on the maps and carve out the best path to get closer tothemwithout being detected by their radars. Prove that you are thebestpilot of the best air force with successful missions of jetattackfuturistic strike.

App Information Jet Attack Futuristic Strike

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    Jet Attack Futuristic Strike
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    May 22, 2018
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    Android 4.0 and up
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    Games Soft Studio
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    House of Simulation Games 3D
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City Transport touch screen parking game ofimmense gameplay and extra special graphics is totally free on thegoogle play store. Drive through the traffic full of cars andtrucks and find a way to the next bus stop successfully. London bustransport simulator parking challenges and a lot of other featureslike maps and great navigation through the big dungeon of a city.City transport service local bus offers smooth shiny roads, trafficsignals and proper traffic rules and law enforcement system.Traffic police cops chase and fine the culprits who breaks thetraffic rules with reckless driving. All bus drivers who puttheirs’ and other people’s lives in danger go to the blacklistdriving. Let the passengers get into the bus and arrange the bestjourney for your passengers. Get onboard and drive off with grace.Road traffic rush begins as you take off to the journey. Cargo busoff road transport to the army base camps in battle zones is alsopart of the expert driver goods transport champion. Police attackson the bus off road drive during the middle of journey is result ofwrong state border crossing.City Transport Service Local Bus features:Handle off road and city bus and drive like a professionaldriver.Best steering wheel touch system controls besides the button andtilt controls.Giant jumbo size & realistic bus control physics on the roadmakes the best simulation possibleRealistic city environment with realistic sideline animations andtraffic signals.Grab your favorite bus to drive on your favorite routes.Traffic lights and other traffic rules system are implemented likerealityInterior bus views with the different bus interiors, do0r open& close for passengers manuallyAmazing background sound to enhance your gaming experience.Take control of the transport service in big cities like London,New York, and Vegas etc. like a beginner pilot, train driving buson different rough terrains. Smoothly driving and avoiding theinevitable accidents on the busy roads. Avoid car transport trucksand heavy cargo trailers on the highway roads. Police heavy bikepatrolling officers will meddle the off road journey with sirensand road blocks. Cooperate with the law enforcement police cops toavoid trouble for driver and passengers. Delivery vans and poultrywagons slows down the journey of a transport highway bus. Find theplace on the fast lane and reach destination in time. Robottransport delivery flights are passing over the bus. Bus transportsimulator is exceptional take on the simulation games. Urbanenvironment full of surprises on the streets is eye catching on thefirst go. Transit elevation of bus simulation is amazing thriller.Fast bus driving action is full of adventure. Take prisoner topolice stations, court hearings and the prison and full fill theduty of prison transport jail bird delivery driver. Off road busfor city public is a great conveyance and necessary for the peopleof the city.
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Do you want to challenge yourself on this hilldriving game? Chisel through the winds and hilly mountains, on yourtaxi, experience nature from very closely with your eyes. Pick anddrop passengers and be their guide for some time. You are new inthis place, but showing your expertise you can be the best cabdriver in the town. Are you exhausted from the old same kinds ofgames, like climbing racing, car racing, hill climbing, Snow Hilldriving, taxi master, crazy driver, mad cab, call a taxi, cabbycab? then you must be needing Off-road Hill Taxi Driving, becauseplaying this game you not only enhance your driving skills but youget to see beautiful places and environments around you. That makeyour mood fresh.You are in town and there are tourists in the area, they are veryless familiar with this place, so being a host and a cab driver,you have a golden chance to take them for a tour, show them theamazing views of that area, off-road driving is a true pleasure.Hold on your seats, wear seat belts, because you never know what iscoming ahead. Your thrilling ride starts now in Off-road Hill TaxiDriving. Gather all your enthusiasm.In this Off-road Hill Taxi Driving you can earn as much as youwish. You just have to give successful ride to the passengers. Thefull taxi game 3D environment will give more than enoughchallenges. You will become a big fan of driving games and parkinggames after trying out Off-road Hill Taxi Driving . This game willgive you hours of gameplay, traffic is also present on the roads soyou have to be extra careful during this driving job. 3D taxi gamesare super fun to play. Race to your customers, be fast as your actlike a real traffic racer. While playing this mobile device gameyou will notice that there is a unique combination of both 3dsimulation games and 3d racing games.Off-road Hill Taxi Driving is full of thrill and adventure thatpicks and drops passengers to their destination/hotels. Taxidriving gets more electrifying with this all new hill stationsimulator game. Drive through off-road roads and experience agorgeous hill station like never before. Drive at high speed anddon’t let curvy paths and treacherous turns slow you down. Thepassengers are waiting, hurry up, drop one and go to stand for thenext ones. Every passenger is leading you to a new way, you aregoing to love this game because the change environments and levelsare coming up with novel and fantastic locations.There are a total of 8 levels in this game, with each progressinglevel you will have to score more and pass more hurdles, carry moretourists to get yourself pack of coins, more coins means new modelsof cabs unlocked. Become the challenging driver, you have to carrythe tourists and passengers to their places without getting late,yet don't let yourself in any dangerous conditions. Be fast yetsafe. Compete with other cab drivers and enjoy their highspeeding.Game Features:Amazing Hill Station Environment and 3D GraphicsThrilling precision driving missionsEasy controls8 exciting levelsAwesome Luxury Taxi with Realistic Vehicle PhysicsEnjoyable background and game soundsOff-road Hill driving simulationAnimated PassengersRealistic & Intelligent Traffic systemDownload Off-road Hill Taxi Driving now for FREE! and show yourexpert driving skills.
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Viral Chained Car Tow Game.Chain Breaker Tractor Pull TransportTraffic Car Tow 2018Car Tow Best of the parking game with extra cardragging features. Our tractor driver have to tow cars to workshop.Working under the workshop and car mechanics, a tractor driver hasthe outside job of dragging the broken cars to workshop.Drag carswith chain. It is the call of the truck driving duty. Heavy dutyjob of tractor pull is challenging and mind numbing for the normaldrivers truck pulling games Tractor Pull Transport Traffic Car Towis the new sensation of the driving parking games. Drive throughthe PK jungle and win the real tractor job. Get behind the heavytractor wheel and win the best racing of the life. All the beachbikes and the car stunt racing maniacs need the extra help from thetractor pull transport traffic car tow. Extreme challenge ofdragging the car while keep the balance of the car on the road withthe chain. chained trains 2018 Transport Pull Match trucks,Busespulling games tractor and truck tow and pushing chainedtrucksChained cars to the tractor back are moving furiously on theroad behind the truck. This simulator tops all of other minimaldriving games. Become trucker in city with the tractor pulltransport traffic car tow. Time to help the luxury tourist bus anddrag the bus to the workshop. Tractor driver job at the servicestation is cargo and transport both. A wood cargo truck is alsooften in need of the tractor pull. Get the cars repaired before thepassenger miss the flight by not reaching at the airport in time.As exciting as the construction excavator simulation tow car game2018.Chained Tractor Touchen Tow Bus Time to pull off the heavyduty Tractor job with the extreme tractor pull transport trafficcar tow. Now the tractor pulling with beast of a machine, is quiteeasy. Pulling tractor to hook Drive smoothly on the city roads oftraffic filled. Tractor Pull Transport Traffic Car Tow 2018features:* Extreme tractor pulling through difficult paths in the *challenging missions. * Tow the truck with biggest tractor*Realistic chain attaching to the vehicles,* Realistic animation ofvehicle chaining to the tractor.* Tractor pull like the farmerharvesting the crop fields.After tractor driving in the fields togain the crops. Now it is time to show the tractor pull skills inthe city Chained Tractor Tow Bus Emergency Rescue 911 . Police TowTruck Pull crashed vehicles like a sled on snow. Come on top of thepulling league. Heavy duty transportation with tractor chained withcars. Tractor Touched Car mechanic needs the vehicles to theservice station. Bring heavy tractor for the impossible job.Pulling cars to workshop is like taking cargo to mountain in armytrucks. All the farming tractors are in race for get the job oftractor pull workshop delivery car repair driver.
City Bus on Urban Routes |Bus Highway Parking 2018 1.0 APK
City Bus on Urban Routes Parking Great adventures of city bus onurban routes will take the user to a new world of adventurousentertainment. Modern bus is the heaviest simulator on the Googleplay store. Modern bus is the best mechanic game of the 2018. Greatadventure on the road, get ready to sail to the journey with thebest city bus. Urban routes full of bus stops, passengers awaitsfor a steady mode of transportation like the city bus. Get to thedestination faster and pick up the passengers in queue, greatcomfort in the driving on city roads with traffic lights and aperfect system of traffic management. Get yourself acquainted withthe rules of the game by following the instructions displaced onthe start of the game. Now get the diploma of driving from the citydriving school to become the validated driver on the city road.Urban routes are hectic to follow with a lot of signal stopping andheavy traffic rush. City Highway is simulation of great adventures.Turn on the lights for bus riding at night, prove that you are thebest driver of city bus on urban routes Parking Fun.TrolleybusParking Bus station is full of excellent drivers, all the coachdriver compete in performance on the city urban routes. Get rid ofhilly routes and mountain climbing sloped roads. Take drivinglessons in the city environments. Multiple buses for flamboyant busdriving exhibitionist drivers to show exceptional skillset ofdriving and bus control on heavy traffic jammed roads Army CoachBus Parking.Don’t make the passengers angry with rough and recklessdriving. Precision driving on sharp turns, enjoy the detailedinterior for better aesthetic pleasure. City Bus on Urban Routes2018features:- Clear and high definition graphics to aid the smoothgameplay of city bus- Real bus driving experience, city roadsawaits for you- Stop at each bus stop with perfection & parkright on the spot- Safe drive through the Austrian Alps and townsunder high hill shadows. - Colorful collection of different busesin the city environment. - Great invasion of the automobiles to thecity, take the bus out of the road blocks to win the missions.Crazy Bus Driving Parking Game 2018 With no stress to thepassengers, avoid as much hustle of the city roads traffic as youcan. City tourist bus can take around hundred passengers to theirdestination, make it a party bus with high quality music. publictransport Urban parking games got a new addition as the city bus isthe realistic transporter for the simulation game lovers. Modernbus is full of surprises like a chance to become the champion ofthe highway roads of the city, all the main boulevards of the cityare yours to conquer and claim your reputation and glory as thebest drivers of Trolleybus Simulator Parking city bus on urbanroutes.
Desert Army Cargo Supply Truck:Military Cargo Duty 5 APK
Military Fort Army Cargo DutyBecome heavy military artillerytransporter by becoming a real military truck driver from onemilitary fort to another. Modern check posts and army bases arearms services’ home. Army recruits and officials need stuff tosurvive in the battle zone. Troops need artillery supply all thetime. Military Fort Army Cargo Duty is an army driving simulationwhere you’re a military driver with tough missions. Getting pastthrough the mines and enemy army commando bullets is excellent.Marine Corps and navy seals at army check post inspect your trucksthoroughly. Generalship for uniform army trucker controls thelogistics under the light of best war techniques. Ration out thecommodities and lifesaving products among hard fighting soldiersevenly. Leave no fort unencumbered as the soldier life matters.Military Fort Army Cargo Duty is war troop servicemen’ battleagainst enemy tyranny. Defense strategy to hold the ground isdependent on army cargo truck military fort duty driver. Weaponsystems to be transported on the rough roads. Enemy fighter jetattacking your forts and army bases. Enemy Machine guns fire bulletto destruct your truck. Tank battle & war machines are majorenemy attack weapons. Military Fort Army Cargo DutySurvive enemyattack,Beck off the paths and change trajectory while under theenemy attacks.Long routes and many risks and big opportunities tosurvive enemy attacks. Learn to spy drive and reach the army basesecretly Desert Army Cargo Supply Truck is best rider gameObjectivebased truck drivingDesert army cargo supply truck will need animmensely talented military fort army cargo duty driver. Drift onroads. Real traffic on the roads to slow you down. It is a totalnew driving experience in army cargo truck transport to see if youhave what it takes to drive in military services. Carefully drivethe massive military truck with high precision in the latestcombination of army transport games and army truck driving games.If you love cargo transport games, then this army truck simulatoris the best truck driving simulator 3D game for sure. So become abrave soldier and show real driving & parking skills in DesertArmy Cargo Supply Truck
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Well come to Prado Car Simulator Parking City Adventure To becomethe best in the business of Drive Offroad Prado parking the Pradoand Rush Driver Prado Cars Parking Challenge in the business ofvalet,Prado 4x4 Parking you will need extra focus and care onlearning Prado City Parking the driving skills. Luxury Prado isawesome to drive and with the exception of normal mediocre cars itis the best vehicle to drive.Prado Extreme Stunt Simulation isauthentic and realistic in this game.CITY PRADO SIMULATOR DriveOffroad Prado Drive around the block to find the best parking spot.Drift in the city all you want because nothing is going to stopyou. Fasten your seat belts and enhance the experience ofsimulation with the multiple vehicles. The Prado has a health barof its own so don’t bump the front trunk to every piece of trashyou see on the road. Failing the mission is inevitable when youdrive recklessly. Save the time and by choosing the best path forthe Prado to reach the parking destination. The detailed 3Denvironments, and amazingly extensive sound quality, fantasticmonster like Big Prado Jeep driving experience, amazing content,super cool graphics and hours of racing with the time are the fewthings which enhance the awesomeness of the game. Prado ParkingCity Adventure is a difference among the other games of luxuryPrado jeeps. In this game user will never be devastated becausethis Prado is incredible.In Land Cruiser Parking wala game you willbe delivered with Multiple Luxury Prado’s. Your mission in PradoParking City Driver Parking is to Drive your vehicles providing byPrado Parking City Driving a Land Cruiser is easy but principal inParking Cars in actual challenge. DRIVING & PARKING LAND KRUZAKCRUISERS ------------------Enjoy the best Prado jeep drivingservices game of high speed sim of 2017,in this is presented avariety of monster jeeps and land cruiser Prado of the high classmanufacturers. if you have to love driving expensive valley jeep& pr-ado cars and large Toyota making some parking and drivingthan its right time to play this thrilling simulation drivefruntrunner game. embrace high speed.uxurious 4X4 jeep parking 3Dsimulations; Prado Car Parking simulator Like a real car harddriver parking 2017 or Dr. car parking this is a very huge game of4x4 jeep or Prado Land cruiser parking game free. This Prado CarParking Game is an amazing jeep parking simulator game thatrequires highest precision! The parking situation in Prado ParkingGame will require you to show top skills in steering, acceleration,show your passion of your classic and hard parking challenge. Thisgame will take you for the city road tracks with your expert andaccuracy driving such as champion driver. So hold on your colorfulPrado car steering and going to be best drive with extreme. don,tbe crashing Prado so drive carefully You skills and love for thesimulation games will be tested in this game. A drive through thewhole city with complicated paths and a hint of urban cultureeverywhere. To work for a valet company for a luxurious hotel isawesome. Our driver is specialized in Prado parking. Customers willhand you over the keys of their luxurious vehicles and you’ll findand perfect spot for them. Drive around the lobby and find thenearest parking plaza. Prado Parking City Adventure features:•Remarkable Prado Jeeps are available to drive • Classic Pradocollection • Best place to drive Prado• Best Parking Adventure withPrado• Realistic Prado controls• Beautiful scenery of a city isshown in this game• Multiple levels with challenging and hardtasks• Multiple Camera AnglesDownload this game free from theGoogle play store and enjoy the amazing Prado driving simulationthriller which will blow your minds and fill your mind with itsquality of graphics and game play.http://www.facebook.com/BricksStudios