Mobile Force: Star Fighters of Galaxy War Academia is a sci-fi(science fiction) Anime action fighting RPG free shooter game. Itis a side scroll role playing type game with a fighting game styletwist that differs in features and arsenal of Iron Gear weapons. Ithas an academia squad building that allows access to additionalnest of weapon and quirks that are obtainable thru Level up orin-app purchase.★ Story of Mobile Force: Star Fighters of GalaxyWar AcademiaDeep far in star space wars of the galaxy, a colonywhere dragon squad heroes are guardians protect to use their superpower in their arms. Protagonist are chosen as guardians of galaxy.Your legacy as super hero is to attack titans and evil robotmonsters and fight injustice! Fight the alien villains that invadesthe universe.⚔ Features of Mobile Force: Star Fighters of GalaxyWar Academia• Selectable warriors to choose from.• Level up yourgladiator team to unlock quirks, summon sidekick and Gun weapons.•Tons of Limit Breaker Weapons.• Clash your warrior to strengthenyour armor to last in battle and unlock secret skills.• Upgradeyour fighterz stats.• Tons of action and fighting alien foes, evilrobots and epic boss fights!• Endless saga of nonstop action!How toPlay Mobile Force: Star Fighters of Galaxy War AcademiaThe rules tosurvival is to defeat the corrupt digital being in front of you.Tap attack to shoot energy ball. You can get new weapons over powerlevels. You do not have to force jump because of the nature ofgravity and suit that boost your weight to fly of the ground. Eachtime you attack and hit you get combo break points and energy coinsto upgrade your iron suit!★ Select PlayerYou can select incrediblestar champions that you can fight along your own choice. Eachgladiator you choose also change in stats, weapon and skills. Eachcharacter has their own elemental abilities like fire, love,lighting, flame, plants, dark shadow and more!★ Squad level andPerksHave any of your avenger to level up your team to gain accessto weapons and perks you can use to defeat enemy. You also gainadditional stats that are applicable to the next character. Eachtime you level up for your squad man team army, you activate perksthat enhances your squad overall performance in fighting.⚔ IronGear WeaponsYou get to access robot iron gear weapons by squadlevel. Some iron gear weapons can be specialized by a specific irongear fighterz skills. • Bang Bang Attack• Rocket One Punch• PowerBlast Kamehameha• Mega Beam Photon Cannon• Gravity Force Field•Dragon fire ball• Spirit Bomb★ Warrior’s SkillsMy hero can unlockskills and abilities through level up. These skills improves yourfighting style. One character has a different robot iron gearweapon that has certain skill to each weapon. One player iron gearweapon can have an upgrade to boost life, damage and critical hit.★Summoner SidekickAs you progress further your squad level you cancall duty a sidekick to help some damage.⚔ Upgrade your statsYoucan upgrade each character stats to increase durability to lastlong in battle. • Life = Stamina that allows you to stay long incombat.• Damage = Hit points to reduce enemy's life.• CriticalStrike= Gives you a chance to double your iron gear weapon damage.★Power CrystalYou gain energy as you defeat a foe. They are used toenhance your skills.★ Stage LevelWhen the fight gets tough, my heromay go back and choose previous levels that are easy to gainexperience and power crystals.★ Enemy Robot VillainsYou get achance to defeat countless of antagonist evil robots in differentstages. They are robot titan, mega beast, nest tentacles, electriczombies, shadow vader, god of thunder and king transformer fighter.Escape or finish them so you can enhance your stats.If you finishan epic boss and gain more power crystals and experience.Download “Mobile Force: Star Fighters of Galaxy War Academia ” NOW! FREE!

App Information Mobile Force: Star Fighters of Galaxy War Academia

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    Mobile Force: Star Fighters of Galaxy War Academia
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    July 1, 2018
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    Android 4.1 and up
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    Game Pencil - Best free action fighting RPG games
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    2nd flr Business Park Center Alabang-Zapote Road, Muntinlupa, Metro Manila 1780 Philippines
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Limit Breaker Dragon Fighter Z : God War Legends 1.5.63 APK
Limit Breaker Dragon Fighter Z : God War Legends is an animeinspired action side scroll free street fighting game with the RPGstyle in mobile. It has multiple super heroes to select from eachhas different ability using martial arts Z skills.⚔ Story of LimitBreaker Dragon Fighter Z : God War LegendsMany worlds is underthreat by the shadow fight king titan that wants to wipe theuniverse and it's up to the rising mortal legendary kombat heroesto rescue against countless of blood thirst nemesis that invadesdifferent world in your galaxy. Join the destiny of mightiest Zchampion in a battle to defend the Universe against league of evilantagonist and the shadow fight until you master the ultra instinctgod form and fight with injustice!⚔ Features:• Side scroll clashsurvival game that displays lots of action battle.• Gain Power Ballslots to put your skills.• Collect league of gladiator age ofheroes.• Unlock each warrior quest for hidden fighting DBabilities.• Match countless of strong villains foes and challengingepic boss fights.• Summon an ally sidekick to help you in combat.•Nonstop rampage endless RPG battle. Fun to play and it's a mobilegame! Free!⚔ How to play Limit Breaker Dragon Fighter Z : God WarLegendsTap and drag your player around the space. You can battleescape by dragging the fighterz. The basic survival rules is to tapattack button to hit foes. You tap and shoot the strong villainswith any attacks all you want. If you get close to the enemymonster you reduce your life force. Use tons of energy, blastbeams, one punch blow, kamehameha and dragon spirit ball to attack.Once you have higher Z Team Level you can unlock fighter lordsskills and perks that kick out the strong villains away! Challengeyourself by gaining victory on the epic boss titan and get justice!★ Z Team (Level Up)Level up your superhero warrior and raise yourspirit by gaining victory and get extra stats that can power up tothe next level. Your man team can gain you access to hidden martialarts Z skills and perks that are useful in combat.★ Z Team(Perks!)One warrior can advance in Z team level and gain perks thatcan power boost your super heroes. One can gain extra DB abilitiesand can be used by all super saiyan characters.⚔ Z SkillsMy herowarrior can access and learn to master new kung fu techniques.These are powerful skills that you can use to defeat the mutantmonster. You can teleport, power boost, craft ball of energy, blastbeams, one punch blow, kamehameha, or dragon spirit ball at yourrival to take them out!★ The Power Ball SlotsCustomize your skillsin the Dragon Belt nest to access them in the game. You can createyour own sequence of attacks to become an expert in fighting.★Enhance your strengthYou can enhance your stats in life, damage andcritical strike%. This will power boost your superhero warrior.★Fighters AbilitiesEach protagonist can master abilities are basedon their persona and god legendary skills. My final DB abilitycomes with an Ultimate Attack like orb of energy andbeams.⚔ Ultimate attacksGain glory ultimate attack when itreach it Limit Breaker level like a super saiyan. Each of my herowarrior ultra instinct attacks are unique and cannot be learned byother Players. Ultra instinct attacks require no energy to use.Some players can hardcore attacks with more higher calibre in aninstinct!⚔ Summoner SidekickYou can gain a command summonsidekick once you reach a high Z Team Level. They can duel to causedamage, heal or use certain abilities like academiasidekick.⚔ Time TravelBattle in quest for stage levels whereyou shift in different thrones that needs your help and become theworld champion of justice. Once you have beat a Cry Devil Beast,you can access time travel where you can go back and fun defeatingthe previous strong villain.It's time for you to get some actionfighting! Download Limit Breaker Dragon Fighter Z : God War LegendsNOW!
Sailor Witch Miru : Pretty Anime Hero of the Stars 2.7.1 APK
Sailor Witch Miru : Pretty Anime Hero of the Stars is a free sidescroll action fighting game that has RPG element to level Up.People who loves super heroes, anime and manga will truly love thisgame!⚔ Story of Sailor Witch Miru : Pretty Anime Hero of theStarsSailor Witch Miru is a girl student that study witchcraft.Imbue with great power of the star and moon, she is still honingher spell casting skills into becoming the most powerful witch. Anevent takes place when there is an imbalance of nature. Nightmarevillains and monsters made from the human’s fear spawn up,attacking the earth and it’s up to Sailor Witch Miru to vanquishthe forces of darkness. ★ FEATURES• Exciting Super Power Levels!•Buy Stats of Life, Damage and Critical Strike using Game star coinsthat customizes your strength!• Challenging Enemies!• Cast Spellsto help you in battle!• Check out the Skill Wheel!• Get companion'Star Kitty' and receive a new spell!• Endless battles!• Newchallenges awaits!⚔ Star Power Witchcraft SpellsAs you progress,each of these spells will level into a more powerful version anddish all enemies on sight.• Moon boomerang, Moon Scythe • Lightbeam, Super Flash• Star comet• Astral Projection shield★ AboutSailor Witch Miru : Pretty Anime Hero of the StarsSailor Witch Miruis a princess and a super hero of the crystal millenium and heir tothe successor The Serenity Queen who wield the power of the silverand gold crystal powers of the moon. As a girl she learns how touse her powers of the light, she force herself to fight the evilshadow villains that attacks at night. Given by the power of themoon she is able to cast them away using the twinkle stars and moonlight power. Sailor Witch Miru is a manga anime styled character.She transforms using an artifact Legendary Silver Crystal, a PowerStone that gives her special powers and become one of the SailorGuardians to prevent the destruction of the Solar System. Hermission is to infiltrate the shadow villains and find the source oftheir negative aura and purify it with her light and love to bringcourage to little kids.She is also aided by her cat Diana Star tolook after her. Diana Star uses healing spells and cosmic powerattacks to bring out Sailor Witch Miru’s full potential infighting.⚔ How to play Sailor Witch Miru : Pretty Anime Hero of theStarsThe game is as easy as dragging Miru in to move around toavoid shadow beings and their attacks. Miru will automaticallyattack using her magical moon stick wand to shoot away that light.As you level up you get to gain new spells to help you even more!⚔Enemy villains and monstersThese are shadow being being created byfear that children posses. These negative energies form a hugeamount of dark power and creates scary living creatures. Only thesoldiers of the Silver millenium is enough to defeat thesevillains. ⚔ Star Power Up!In the Main screen before you play thegame, you can set Sailor Witch Miru's life, damage and criticalstrike making her the most formidable super heroine that fears theevil forces of doom. ★ Unlock Full Game:When you get the Full gameversion, you will gain Star Kitty. It can heal you when you havebeen damages, and can also cast ‘star missile’ as an addition tospells. When you reach level 30, Star Kitty will have a new attackthat can heal you and damage the enemy.The game is suitable at allages and genders who likes manga and this game is inspired by allmagical girl anime of all time. It is fun and easy to play. Playerswho loves fighting game, side scroll and role playing will easilyadapt to the gameplay environment!Come on! Download “Sailor WitchMiru : Pretty Anime Hero of the Stars” NOW!
Force Reborn: Superhero Star Fighter at War Space 1.7.7 APK
Force Reborn: Superhero Star Fighter at War Space is an RPG (roleplaying game) based system in a top view shooter game. It allowsthe player to level up that gives increase in the player stats forlife, damage and critical strike rating. It also has a neat combopoints when you hit enemy fast and gain rewards by making largepoints.STORY:Far across the future in another universe. The humanrace "Force Reborn" lived among new colonies advancing into newtechnologies. Now the resources at grown weak, the Force RebornSuperhero Star Fighter are in research with new power resourcehowever they are not alone. Another alien race "Necros" in warspace envy the Force Reborn for its resourcefulness and try tosteal their technology.An adventurer named Axis Brandspear of theForce Reborn Team Star Fighter in search for relics across thegalaxies now has a new quest that others have never faced before.Now he faces the rampage of countless of Necros that stands in hisway.GAME FEATURES:- Powerful War Space Ships to defeat theenemies.- Tune Up your ship with upgrades to become powerful.-Power Grinding Level Up system that unlocks new attacks.- Neatcombo points that releases nice Rewards.- lots of various enemiesand epic boss fights.- Challenge your friends in Leaderboards.-Lots of achievements to gain.- Game movie scenes that tells astory.HOW TO PLAY:-The game is as simple as dragging your warshipusing your fingers to move around the scene. It can be dragged in aclose distance and still see the Force Reborn war space ship. Thewar space ship will automatically attack to destroy yourenemies.THE FORCE REBORN WARSHIPS:-Each warship has differentrampage in strength in Life, Damage, Attack speed and Criticalstrike ratings. New warship can be unlocked by collecting Coinsthat can be collected by destroying enemies and bosses. Coins canalso be purchased.TUNE UP YOU WAR SPACE SHIP:-In addition topowerful space war ships. You can tune up your ship to becomepowerful. Life, Damage, and Critical strike ratings can increasethe warships. The upgrade will apply to any warship youselect.LEVEL SYSTEM:-TheForce Reborn Player can Level up bydestroying enemies. The Pilot can gain extra Life, Damage andCritical strike ratings. In addition to stats you also unlock newpower up skills.POWER UPS:-Power ups gains additional attack to thewarship. If your level goes higher newer rampage power ups arebeing activated. All power ups has their own uniqueadvantage.ENEMIES:-The enemies comes different in every stage. Theycarry different strength and attacks. They also come in teams andformations that are quite a challenge.CHALLENGING BOSS:-Each Bosshas their own rampage attacks and strength. Each new Space War Shipyou choose will win over the next Boss.COMIC SCENES:-The game alsocarries a story that comic and sci-fi fanatics are going to lookforward to. They have special animations like watching a shortmovie series. ________________________________IN APPPURCHASE-Ultimate War Space Ship: This unlock the warship "IronSword". It has razor sharp sword edge that can deal extra damageaside from bullet attacks. This Item can only be purchasedonce.-Power Matrix x2 duration: This will double the time durationof all Matrix Power Ups in the game. Each Power Matrix has theirown qualities and advantages in the Game.-Remove Ads: This itemwill remove all advertisements at the game.-1,000 Coins: It is a inapp item to purchase 1,000 game coins to be used in the game. ItCan be used in buying warships, tune upgrades and revive power up.It can be purchase many times. This item is non-retrievable.
Picoball Robot 1.0.1 APK
Pico is a cute robot wrapped in a gravity field that collectstwinkle stars around the galaxy.It has tons of challenging stages.Each with different goal in collecting stars and bounceaction.Features:-Collect stars and use the power up to increasecookie points and destroys the bombs.-Play 60 levels with differentobstacles.-Score high by bouncing.-It gains you fast reflexesspecially for kids.-easy to play.How to play:Slide the platformfrom left to right, right to left so that Pico won't fall off outerspace.The Goal is to collect the twinkle stars. You can use theTwinkle stars points to gain additional life at the store.
The White Viking: Game of Swords 1.0.4 APK
Play as the hero that defends the throne and hold the door from theevil creatures, the Death knight. All we need is a White Viking whohas the power to destroy them. Armor and level up to be the fiercewarrior and slay countless enemies. Enhance your skill and upgradeyour strength to become the knight that protects the kingdom. GreatSword fighting game in Pixel!FEATURES.-New Game Plus- this willreset the stage level from level 1. Your level and purchases willremain the same and still be as strong as before you restart thegame. This is good if you want to start over again to defeat oldstrong enemies and gain experience points. -Stage level- As youplay to fight the death knight zombies you have to hold them andkeep fighting until the day is over. Once the night is over youhave finished your goal to the next stage level.-Upgrade- thisfeature will add stats to your character for better life, damage,heals, Critical damage and critical chances.-Sword Attack- swordattacks comes with different sword-style poses. You can gain extrascore by doing a combo attack. -Special attacks- these are lockedfeatures that can be unlocked through gaining experience points tolevel up. These are usefull to enemies and cause double damageother than your normal attack. They are avaible upon time duration.Purchasing SPECIAL FEATURES will reduce the spell cooldown durationto half. Have fun with the them!_____________________________Youcan check out our website about us and ourgames:http://gamepencil.comTHANKS!-This game is created by JohnA.C.E.
Brave Flying Spartan Soldiers 1.0.9 APK
Behold the warriors of Sparta! Flapping across the screens. Avoidthe challenging obstacles and call the army of Spartans! Face thewrath of the wind god.Features:- You start at 3 lives.- Call uponyour brothers to aid you in battle.- Lots of coin rewards fromdestroying objects and boss.- Easy to play.
Kitty Cat and City: Hunt Food 1.0.2 APK
Join and help little kitty Cat venture into the City and feed himby collecting food from the Pet Food Supply Truck. Avoid vehiclesthat cross by. Use kitty's jumping cat reflexes and catch all thecanned goods and when he is full, he can "Power Up!" To becomeinvincible.FEATURES:-Cute kitty jump stunts.-Time shiftingenvironment.-Fun Power Up abilities and effects.-Challenge yourfriend's scores.HOW TO PLAY:-Tap to jump.-Tap twice to jumphigher.-Avoid Cars.-Use power Up to become invincible.For more infovisit our webpage: http://bit.ly/Cat-City
Math Games Fun with Puppy Love : Learning Numbers 1.0.1 APK
Math Games Fun with Puppy Love is an educational game app the helpslearning numbers and enhance your IQ Math skills with fun! Playinga lot while learning will easily develop your mind's reflexes intoaddition, subtraction, multiplication and division. It's the bestapp for K-12 students and young kids to adults. Play game aspuppies are there to inspire and let you know if the answer iscorrect or wrong. Collect all puppies as you play all and rank thetop rank A medal.*FEATURES:-Selectable puppies to play with.-Selectdifficulty from easy, normal, hard mode in learning numbers.-Eachdifficulty has a rank and medal award to achieve goal.-Randomquestions that lets you exercise and engage yourself for a selfstudy examination.-It can be played by all ages from kids toadults.Math Games Fun with Puppy Love as an educational game letsyou play with a puppy making dog signs if you answer correctly ornot.*How to play Math Games Fun with Puppy LoveYou can Select anyIQ test Math exam quiz all you want to play. When you choose a mathyou will enter to take a quiz. You can choose the difficulty ofyour mathematics from easy, medium and hard mode.You are given 3selectable questions with one correct answer in this educationalgame. If one is correct, the puppy dog will be happy. When youchoose wrong the puppy dog will cry. You have ten (10) questions toanswer with a time limit break. When the time limit break ends anddid not finish all 10 questions you might get a low grade.You alsoget low grade if you get wrong answers.Math is fun with REWARD:Whenyou get a high grade gold medal you get to unlock new puppies! Ifyou play the hard mode and win you get the ultimate legendary rarepuppy dog!*Who are the Dogs in Math Games Fun with Puppy LoveBeagleJuice - Beagle Juice is a cute beagle puppy. He likes to play withaddition. He likes to add bones and collects them for achievement.He will be by your side at the beginning of the game!Spotty -Spotty is an Anatolian Shepard Dog and is a native of Turkey. Helikes to play subtraction. He likes to subtract food and eats allthe time. He will play with you once gain the reward from playingaddition.Husky - Husky is a Siberian Husky Dog with beautiful thickfur that comes in a multitude of colors and markings. He is anintelligent dog that likes multiplication as a challenge. He willplay with you if you win a reward from playing subtraction.Pom Pom- Pom pom is a Pomeranian puppy dog. He is cute and looks like afox. He is obedient and a happy dog that likes humans. He islocated in the division stage. He will play with you when you gainreward from playing multiplication.Fire fox - Fire fox is aPomeranian puppy dog. He is a relative of pom pom only that he hasfiery fur that makes him look awesome! Fire fox is one of thelegendary puppy dog to unlock at the hard mode difficultylevel.Jewel Husk - Jewel husk is a Siberian Husky Dog with asparkling jewel at his collar. He is beautiful*Mathematical stagesin Dogs at Math Games Fun with Puppy Love+ ADDITION : it is theprocess of adding something to something else. In a Math game it isan arithmetic operation of calculation in getting the total of twoor more numbers represented by the symbol (+).- SUBTRACTION :subtracting of two amounts. In a Math game it is an arithmeticoperation of finding the difference between two numbers orquantities, denoted by a minus sign (−).x MULTIPLICATION : the actor process of multiplying or the state ofbeing multiplied. In mathemathics, it is symbolizedby a sign (×).  (÷) DIVISION: In mathemathics it isan operation inverse to multiplication where finding a quantity,the quotient. Division is a process of ascertaining how many timesone number is contained in another number. It’s symbol ispartition (÷)Lots of mathematic exercises for you in learningnumbers and will help you pass IQ test exam quiz!Download MathGames Fun with Puppy Love today!