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Are you ready to become ninja warrior and assassin enemies of evilcastle and rescue you’re girlfriend who was captivated by yourenemies, this is a royal revenge legendary warrior game. You knowmartial arts skills and your enemies are afraid of your fightingand survival skills and can be threat to your girlfriend. You needto be ninja assassin and fight with evil gangs in this shadow ninjaaction game. Ninja tactics and samurai sword skills must be need todefeat the castle army and rescue prisoners. Fight with boss at theend and teach them lesson.Ninja Warrior Hero Fight Kung Fu NinjaGame is fast paced action game, defeat the castle evils in royalrevenge 3D action games. In first level you need to pass throughall the hurdles of castle, kill the ninja warriors and enemieswaiting for you and kill them to clear next level. This is the bestninja fighting action game you ever played. You are a ninjaassassin in this extreme fighting game be that warrior super heroninja escape and take an epic revenge from evil castle enemies withyou powerful shurikens, classic samurai sword, bow and arrows andwith your super martial art warrior fighting survival skills. Showno mercy who kidnapped your girlfriend they are armed with guns andexplosives climb on walls and use stealth strategy to defeat allstrange shadow enemy fighters and win ninja warrior throne battlewith your amazing assassin skills. Your girlfriend is in a prisonguarded by deadly fighters, captain guards and armed soldiers. Killall of enemies using your bow and shurikens like ninja warrior inthis 3D action games. You need to make your way to the prison whereyour girl has been kept , kill soldiers and collect prison cellkeys to rescue her. After you rescue your girl find the bosskidnapper who is guarded by mafia to secure him but just like asuper ninja you are not afraid of death and revenge must be taken.If you like sword fighting games you must download and play thisgame.You are trained by shinobi sensei become a hitman ninja inthis sword fighting game. Sneak up enemy ninja with stealthtechniques, avoid making noise. The best way for you to survive isattack from behind.Once you find the boss in dungeons you must killhim before his brother arrive to kill you, there is a time limit tothis fight and you have to win it for the sake of your girlfriendin this 3D action game. The ultimate ninja warrior throne battleshould be won by the one who is the real super hero. Ready to playthis martial arts game and show your kicking and punching skills.You are trained American ninja perfect target skills with shurikensand bows to kill enemy in one shot. Play like shadow ninja warriorand don’t get caught by enemies. In level 5 you need to be low anddon’t let castle guards ring the alarm otherwise you would be in abig trouble. Use your ninja knife to kill them silently this willmake you silent ninja assassin. Save yourself from the bullets,jump, climb to reach the enemy or throw shuriken from a distance.Fight like a brave ninja in this Ninja Warrior Hero Fight Kung FuNinja Game. Experience ninja warrior and bring death to all yourenemies in this 3D action game. This super ninja hero game is freeto download and no in app purchases included.Best features of NinjaWarrior Hero Fight Kung Fu Ninja Game:- Amazing ninja attackparticle effects.- Realistic martial arts fighting animation.-Sword fighting and bow weapons to kill.- A big 3D environment toexplore.- Quality graphics with amazing sound effects.- NinjaWarrior super hero escape challenging missions.- Epic Fight forthrone battle with castle enemies.- Rescuing girl from enemiesprison.

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    Ninja Warrior Hero Fight Kung Fu Ninja Game
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    August 21, 2017
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    Android 2.3 and up
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    SoftLinks Games
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---Hundred thousand daily players and increasing---About GameAreyou ready for an exciting and full of adventure, thrilling game,Dubai Desert Safari Drift Racing is not just about drifting indesert, jeep racing and sahara speed drifting its all about thetourism of Dubai and Arabs entertainment, Dubai is full ofentertainment activities, lots of tourists from USA, France,Germany, Pakistan, Australia, United Kingdom, Russia and otherGulf, Europe or from Asian countries visit Dubai for its richculture and tourism activities, especially when it comes to Dubaiand desert only drifting and desert safari comes in mind. AlthoughDubai is famous for its fast police cars as well but Dubai desertsafari 4x4 jeep crazy racing is most popular game all over theworld. Driving your own Lexus Land cruiser or GMC heavy 4x4 truck,Dubai Range rover for desert drifting fast driving and 4x4 jeep forcrazy racing gives you the perfect feel of Dubai desert safari anddesert racing.About GameplayDubai Desert Safari Drift Racing is allabout drifting and racing in desert, making drift counts, donutdrifts etc and become off road legends, this is full of thrill andadventure jeep racing off road driving game, drive your own Pradoor land cruiser with very powerful engine and reverse wheel driveRWD to do perfect drifts and explore the vast desert of Dubai. Weoffer three modes desert day mode, desert night mode and Dubaiairport terminal 3 modes in this perfect challenging drift andracing game, you can select modes which suit you the best and getthe most out of it. Desert in day time is beautiful when you drivea heavy engine off road car and listening to Arabic music andexploring the vast and massive desert of Dubai watching camelsrunning but desert in the night is most beautiful place to driveunder open sky with blinking stars and fast driving. Drive yourultimate drift simulation car in Dubai airport terminal three andexperience the most dangerous and thrilling stunts and driftdriving situations. Drifting is not so easy in real life and notallowed on streets out there that’s why we bring the most realstreet drift zone in Dubai airport. Now drift and race by drivingspecial Nissan skyline drifting car. Drive and drift your car indifferent situations and be a pro drifter. Enhance your drivingskills in this game, challenge your friends and family and tellthem to beat your drift score.Feature of Dubai Desert Safari DriftRace:-- Smooth and realistic drift physics.- Tilt, buttons andsteering controls.- Three different cars for drifting.- Threegameplay modes.- Different Arabic songs.- Real desert simulator.-HD graphics of offroading race.- Real camels models.- Carsimulation controls- Real experience of drifting with 4x4 offroadjeep.- Massive Dubai desert and airport environment.- Car Nitro,lights and indicators.- Real drift car racing.So put your crazydriving skills into a shoe of real crazy jeep racer and simulateyour driving skills and be the part of ultimate challenging DubaiDrifting and racing game. So what are you waiting for download nowfor free.
Scuba Deep Sea Swim Simulator 1.2 APK
Good day mate! Get ready this summer for the coolest game, let’sswim in the oceans and beaches and reduce our thirst. This scubadiving and swimming simulator game is especially developed forthose who love to go to beaches and like surfing, water boarding,fishing and swim under water in deep sea. Everyone have dream to doscuba diving somewhere in the middle of the ocean and go deep inthe sea and see what beneath the water, but now you can in thiswater scuba diving game you can Explore the beautiful beach, boatsfishes and underwater world in this scuba diving water game. Youcan walk on the beach to explore its different parts and also canrun to the sea and swim, to make this swimming game moreinteresting we have added treasure in the deep sea and you have tofind it by diving in the water, swim by the arrow and complete thewater game levels to open next. Scuba Deep Sea Swim Simulator isthe summer 2017 water game for your enjoyment and fun, whileplaying this beach and water game you will get the real feel ofswimming and diving in real water, we have applied real physics towater to make it look like real ocean water. Now you don’t need togo to any beach or swimming pool. You have the real sea divingsimulator in your hands, open it and jump into the water and enjoythe real water surfing simulator. In Scuba Deep Sea Swim Simulatorthere are no time limits for swimming or deep water diving you canplay it anytime anywhere and at any place, even if you feelfrustrated by office work just download and play scuba water divinggame and share it with your friends. Don’t worry there are notsharks or hungry fishes that will eat you, you just have to diveand if you don’t know swimming or scuba diving this game will teachyou without fear how to swim or do scuba diving and also underwaterstunts, swim freely in this water swimming game. Download now forfree. Features of Scuba Deep Sea Swim Simulator: - Awesome 3Dgraphics with beautiful beach and water environment. - Smoothcontrol with 3D model of male scuba with gear. - Cool Backgroundmusic and sound effect for more amusement. - Multiple levels toplay and explore treasures in water. - Easy to play and swim, gointo deep sea. - No time limits, swim anytime without limits. -Frist Underwater swim simulator. - Explore the beautiful water andocean world. - Cool weather effect for summer thirst.
PK-India Real Tank War 2016 1.1 APK
Are you ready to save your country and fight for the pride of yourbeloved motherland, this is a fiction game of PK- India Real Tankwar of 2016, border forces are strongly alerted for the security ofborders to be more strong and can condemn any strike by enemy. Youare the ruthless commando of Pakistan army and as ordered by yourseniors to take the tank and destroy all enemy tanks which crossedthe border. You have to save your borders and destroy enemybattalions and also destroy their base camp. You have to beunstoppable and clear the land before enemies kill you. Forclearing the mission you have to eliminate every last tank. Petroltanks are placed in the field you need to find them in case of fuelemergency.This game is for everyone who belongs to Pakistan orIndia or any other country and want to fight as a tank warrior.Become an army special agent and do different tasks. Its as awesomefast paced shooting game for fun. You need to show strategicmovements and blast enemy tanks with bombs. Protect your tanks fromother enemy tanks. Air your targets carefully, combat and destroyall enemy tanks and win the war. Kill all you enemies with deadlytank strikes and with the breath taking action packed Pk-India RealTank war.Features of Pk-India Real Tank war 2016:- Amazing tank 3Dmodels- Stunning 3D graphics- Realistic sound effects- Lots ofenemy tanks- Easy and smooth controls- Massive desert environment-Tank simulationSo what are you waiting for be the army tank driverand fight for your country.
PK Transport Truck Driver 2017 1.3 APK
The ultimate cargo Transport Trucking simulation is now uploaded.Drive your mega cargo truck on extreme hill climb roads betweenbeautiful mountains, steeps and paths and become an experience hillclimb driver in this simulation game. Enhance your skills and driveyour carrier to the desired destinations. Pakistani mountaindrivers are world’s famous drivers driving mega trucks and trailerson dangerous off roads and providing services to their clients.This game is inspired by those events and especially Pakistanitruck art but be careful on dangerous twists and turns and delivercargo safely. An objective based transport truck game where youhandle your big truck with trailer. Attach the trailer with yourheavy trucker and drive through hills. A new game which will giveyou extreme fun and simulation of truck parking and cargotransporting. If you don’t have HTV license no problem you candrive heavy vehicles like 18 wheeler trucks and 8 wheeler truckerfor free. A lot of level with adventurous and exciting missions.Enjoy hours of non-stop simulation with multiple game play missionswith the best grand lorry freight simulator. Be on time to satisfyyour clients because being late will result in the failure of yourconsignment. It’s an easy to play hard to master game. Drivethrough the mountains and hills with high speed. Get the realfeel of nature with realistic off road drive on hills and mountaintops.. If you are tired of car parking game in city or country sideso download and play this cargo trailer transporter truck game andenjoy driving on off road dirt roads in hilly mountain and breathtaking beautiful landscapes.Features of this game:- - Smooth andEasy driving Controls- Realistic Mountain and off road Environment-Trailer and Truck parking - Cargo Transport Challenges- Crasheffects while colliding- Adventurous & Thrilling TransporterDriving Simulation.• Extreme Off-road Driving with DangerousTurns • A Complete Hill Resort Station Environment toExploreHow to Play:-- Use Steering Wheel or buttons to drive yourcargo truck- Use Brake, Reverse and Accelerate Buttons toDrive. NOTE: This game is totally free and no in apppurchases. You can play this game for FREE and also WITHOUTINTERNET!
Pk Eid Animal Transport Truck 1.5 APK
Eid ul Adha is ahead an Islamic festival all over the world in thisHoly festival muslim people buy cows, buffalos, goats, sheep andcamels for slaughtering on Eid ul Adha, it is a grand festivalcelebrated all over the world by muslims, in Pakistan people buytheir qurbani animals from villages, cattle market and such otherparticular places and transport them in heavy trucks, trailers,cargo lorries and other grand trucks to their home or places wherethey perform slaughtering/ qurbani. In Pakistan people buy animalsfrom Azad Jammu Kashmir AJK, various places of Punjab likeGujranwala, Lahore, Gujrat, Faisalabad, Karachi, Nowshera feroz andother country side places. Owners of these cattles, buffalos, cows,goats, sheeps and animals transport them by trucks and trailers tocattle market in different cities for selling. An ultimatechallenging game of domestic and farm animals transportingsimulator, this game will give you extreme fun and simulation oftruck parking and cargo transporting and truck driver simulation.Drive 4x4 heavy vehicles, 4x4 trucks, grand trailers and 18 wheelertrucks on Pakistani offroads from AJK to Punjab. Drive through themountains and hills with high speed. Get the real feel ofnature with realistic off road drive on hills and mountain tops.Pak trucks and trailers games are very famous now days on Googleplay store, Drive your mega cargo truck on extreme hill climb roadsbetween beautiful mountains, steeps and paths and become anexperience hill climb driver in this simulation game. This game isinspired by those events and especially Pakistani truck art butbecareful on dangerous twists and turns and deliver cargo safely.Driving big trucks is not an easy job loaded with animals, it needsprecise pro driving skills on dirt and hill climb roads. Enhanceyour skills and drive your carrier to the desired destinations.Pakistani mountain drivers are world’s famous drivers driving megatrucks and trailers on dangerous off roads and providing servicesto their clients. Transportation Mission:- 1. In level one you needto transport qurbani animals like goats and sheeps to the localfarm owner. 2. In level two carry two cows in your 4x4 truck anddrive them to the owner who owns it. 3. In level three deliver 4goats to the slaughter house. 4. In level four transport onebuffalo and one goat to the cattle market for selling. 5. In levelfive deliver gazelle to the local cattle market to sell them, be ontime and drive carefully 6. In level six sheep should betransported in Pakistani truck. 7. In level seven drive buffalos tothe farmer lives in the mountain. 8. In level 8 transport bigcamels to the cattle market. Pak Qurbani Animal Cargo Truckfeatures:- - Smooth and easy driving controls - Realistic mountainsand off road environment - Trailer and truck Parking - Cargotransport challenges - Crash effects while colliding - Adventurousand thrilling transporter driving simulation - Extreme off roaddriving with dangerous turns - A complete hill resort farm stationenvironment to explore - Realistic animals animations - Varioustrucks for driving How to Play:- - Use Steering Wheel or buttons todrive your cargo truck - Use Brake, Reverse and Accelerate Buttonsto Drive.  NOTE: This game is totally free and no in apppurchases. You can play this game for FREE and also WITHOUTINTERNET!
Cargo Transport Truck Driver 1.1 APK
Are you ready to play the new Cargo transport truck driving game in2016, in this game you will have to play the role of theconstruction guy to transport building material on yourconstruction truck and dump it on the construction site. In thisnew grand 18 wheeler truck game has multiple missions in beautifuldesert environment on uphill hill climb track also we have includedmultiple transporter trucks simulations with realistic physics andamazingly smooth controls with lots of challenges. Although drivingin desert environment is a lot hard to drive heavy truck trailer orheavy cargo trucking but in this game you will find it very easyand fun to play. This is the best racing pro simulation game inmobile platform.Become a pro heavy cargo transport truck driver anddeliver construction materials on big trucks to the destination.Travel to different locations such as petrol refinery, containerand shipment yards and construction areas and unlock more newlocations. Drive around the mountains, hilly areas and big off roadtrack and show your transport trucking driving skills in thisultimate challenging game. This game has more and special featuresthen other transportation and trailer driving games. Missions:- -In level one you need to drive to the shipment and container yardto pick up the container and deliver it to the customer but becareful while driving on steeps and twists.- In level two you needto transport a heavy container containing construction materials tothe understructure location.- In level three take a heavy excavatorfrom the construction location, this mission will be a little hardwhile carrying a big machinery and driving on off road.- In levelfour you need to carry big marble stones to the marble factory.- Inlevel five carry oil barrels in your 4wd dumper trucker from oilrefinery to the container yard.Make money by driving big trucks andcargo transportation by completing different tasks and job assignedto you. Complete your tasks but take care of the goods and don’tdamage them. Game Features:-- Amazing vehicles simulation- 3DGraphics and visual effects- Beautiful environment - CargoTransportation- Smooth controls- Five challenging missions (more tocome)- No in app purchasesSo what are you waiting for download nowfor free and be the ultimate crazy off road driver in this parkingand simulation grand trucking game. Note: This game is free no inapp purchase, you can play this game without internet.
American Classic Car Simulator 1.1 APK
If you love riding Cadillac muscle cars in open world map withoutany boundaries and time limits then you are at the right place todownload this beautiful and awesome driving game of American fastcars. Select and drive your muscle car with V8 engine sound in openworld map in beautiful desert landscape. This is not enough we haveadded three different driving modes you can change your wheel driveto 4x4, forward wheel drive FWD and rear wheel drive RWD. If youstill are not convince here is another feature we have added foryou, you can change your car driving to drift and to racing whileplaying the game, along with drifting and racing on asphalt roadand sand we have also added different type of extreme andchallenging stunts for your gaming appetite. This is the coolestgame of 2017 with old sports cars including thunder muscle car,Zegato, Stranger and diesel sporty muscle car. Ride on the greatcars of the past years in the city and enjoy good graphics andrealistic driving physics in this Classic American Muscle Car game.Drift as much as you can and check your drift counter for makingthis muscle car simulation game more interesting we have added airtime while performing breathtaking stunts air time will be counted.Test your real drift and burnout skills.Muscle car torque burnoutsimulator is the best and coolest game not only in racing anddrifting category but also in simulation because we have addedthree different controls for you so those who like steering wheelcan play it and also with tilt and buttons control.Grip the wheelor select your controls which suits you best, put your foot to thefloor and drive like a maniac, completing donuts and drifts like achampion. Evolve your ride and push it to its limits, rally thecrown into a frenzy and then push it some more to reign supreme asthe muscle car driving king! This game has realistic burnoutsimulation with gorgeous smoke, bursting tires and flaming engines.Beautiful muscle cars added with unique handling and customizationand every car has thundering engine sounds that will send chillsdown your spine.Features of American Classic Car Simulator:-Realistic muscle car physics with V8 engine sound.- 4 Muscle carsincluded and 4 more to come in next update.- Real wind for perfectfeeling of desert environment.- 3D beautiful desert landscapeenvironment with asphalt road..- Open world game with no boundariesand limits.- Tires smoke effect and burnout.- 4x4, Front wheeldrive and rear wheel driving controls.- Drifting and racingsimulations for perfect driving- Three different user controls fordriving and simulation.- Beautiful graphics- Two differentlanguages added.- Tablet support and full hd support.- Dynamicshadows.- So what are you waiting for download now the coolest gameAmerican Classic Car Simulator and feel the real drifting andracing on muscle cars.
Dubai Desert Safari Drift R2 1.2 APK
After success of Dubai Desert Safari Drift Race now we bring youanother exciting and full of adventure thrilling game in warm Dubaidesert, big football stadium and Dubai airport terminal 3. DubaiDesert Safari Drift R2 is not just about drifting in desert, jeepracing and sahara speed drifting, its all about learn to drive bestmobile game. Although Dubai is famous for its fast police cars aswell but Dubai desert safari 4x4 jeep crazy racing is most populargame all over the world. Driving your own Lexus Land cruiser or GMCheavy 4x4 truck and offroad Prado, Dubai Range rover for desertdrifting fast driving and 4x4 jeep for crazy racing gives you theperfect feel of Dubai desert safari and desert racing king.AboutGameplayDo you ever drift on asphalt road or offroad streets? DubaiDesert Safari Drift R2 is all about drifting and racing in desert,Dubai Airport, Football Stadium making drift counts, donut driftsetc and become off road legends, this is full of thrill andadventure jeep racing off road driving and endless racing mobilegame, drive your own Prado, BMW and Lexus land cruiser with verypowerful engine and reverse wheel drive RWD to do perfect driftsand explore the vast desert of Dubai. We offer three modes desertday mode, desert night mode and Dubai airport terminal 3 modes inthis perfect challenging drift and racing game, you can selectmodes which suit you the best and get the most out of it. Desert inday time is beautiful when you drive a heavy engine off road carand listening to Arabic music and exploring the vast and massivedesert of Dubai camels running but desert in the night is mostbeautiful place to drive under open sky with blinking stars andfast driving. Select among 6 amazing drift cars, drive from cockpitview and do some crazy drift and become Dubai drift king in thisgame. Get Luxury driving drift cars with special and realisticfeatures and physics of drifting for endless racers. Drive your GMCtruck as a truck racer and make donuts drift to earn double score.We give you the feel of real car drift experience which no othergames have. Play this Dubai drift game and learn to drive and driftbig diesel racer cars in this Dubai racing game.We have added a bigfootball stadium to double the thrill and excitement when you playthe game. In football stadium collect the cones as much you can andincrease the time to get the most fun out of it and share yourscreenshots. Drive your ultimate drift simulation carx in Dubaiairport terminal three and experience the most dangerous andthrilling stunts and drift driving situations. Drifting is not soeasy in real life and not allowed on streets out there that’s whywe bring the most real street drift zone in Dubai airport and madeit very easy drift. Now drift and race by driving special Nissanskyline drifting xcar. Drive and drift your car in differentsituations and be a pro drifter. Enhance your driving skills inthis game, challenge your friends and family and tell them to beatyour drift score.Feature of Dubai Desert Safari Drift R2:-- Smoothand realistic drift physics.- Tilt, buttons and steering controls.-Three different cars for drifting.- Three gameplay modes.-Different Arabic songs.- Real desert simulator.- HD graphics ofoffroading race.- Real camel model.- Car simulation controls- Realexperience of drifting with 4x4 offroad jeep.- Massive Dubai desertand airport environment.- Car Nitro, lights and indicators.- Realdrift car racing.- GMC Truck Racer mode added.So put your crazydriving skills into a shoe of real crazy jeep racer and simulateyour driving skills and be the part of ultimate challenging DubaiDrifting and racing game. So what are you waiting for download nowfor free.