1.0 / June 20, 2017
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Predatory Animals: Ice Age RealDinosaurHunter : Jurassic Dino Battle Sim cast on a planetrecentlydiscovered to test your targets and tactical abilities inthe icesafari realistically. The game offers intelligenthuntingexperience and offers much more than a visit to the shootingrange.A unique opportunity to open roaming 3D world withoutbordersallows to move the process of finding spoils exciting andplayingthe whole game again indefinitely.To survive in thesedangerousareas and a stunning, lush setting, dinosaurs inhabited,at everystep, and you got a new powerful weapon in this beautifulRealDinosaur Hunter : Jurassic Dino Battle Sim game.15 types ofweaponsof various types are highly productive: pistol, grenades,machineguns, rifles, precision, machine guns, assault rifles andlightmachine guns, rifles, shotguns and many more thing tothisadventurous safari jungle hunting. Increase your chancesofsurvival with a choice of arsenal of latest andoutstandingweapons.

An epic journey to hunt exotic animals around the worldExploreNorthwest Savannah in Central America PacificNorthwest!
Dinosaur, after being saved by the ancient forests for decades. Asagreat hunter family, grandchildren, they learn skills thatarefocused on where you want to keep up with the father ofyourexpectations. Now is the time to prove yourself.Safari parkhuntinggame Dinosaur fishing is the best scary distributed inalldinosaurs in the Jurassic rain Jungle to exploredinosaurshunt!

Grab the gun and catch the hungry and ready to attack more than15prehistoric dinosaurs, hunting early Jurassic shooting.Theadvantages of rifle and nose prehistoric times are majorupdatesaimed at big guns! Each weapon back and shoot faster, alwayshadplease! Real Dinosaur Hunter : Jurassic Dino Battle Simhaveexclusive control with the night mode theme dinosaurs!feelwonderful as dino hunter hd and make hunting in this safaripark byDownloading this game and you will love it.

**** Game Features****

* Endless shooting down the animal on safari tour
* Variety of Guns and Snipers
* Realistic 3D graphics and 3D park environment
* HD moaning of animals and 3D shooting sound
* Better controls
* Real and 3D park theme
* Amazing illustration and modern park environment

App Information Real Dinosaur Hunter : Jurassic Dino Battle Sim

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    Real Dinosaur Hunter : Jurassic Dino Battle Sim
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  • Updated
    June 20, 2017
  • File Size
  • Requires Android
    Android 4.0 and up
  • Version
  • Developer
    Game Force
  • Installs
    50 - 100
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