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Wifimaps: free wifi +passwords 1.0
worldwide map of opened and password protected wifi hotspots basedon google map for United States, Europe, Southwest Asia, China,Russia, Australia and Oceania.
Wifimaps and offline map 1.0.5 1.0.1
Get instant access to detailed maps of all countries from anywherein the world! No internet connection is required.WORKS EVERYWHERE—Useful at home and essential for travel. Download any map forfree.— 345 countries and islands. Everywhere is covered. —Excellent for winter holidays! All stations and ski slopesincluded. NEED WI-FI RIGHT NOW?1. Launch WiFi Map2. The app willshow the nearest wi-fi hotspots with their passwords3. Done! Youare now connected to a wifi ;)HIGHLY DETAILED— More details than onany other map.— Millions of points-of-interest (POIs) to discover:restaurants, tourist destinations, gas/petrol stations, ATMmachines and more.— Up-to-date map data, added daily by map usersworldwide – www.openstreetmap.orgNO INTERNET NEEDED— Maps work whenno internet connection is available. — No roaming charges whentravelling abroad.— Always know where you are.INCREDIBLY FAST— Oneof the fastest maps ever. Displays map when others don’t.Innovativemap data compression.— Maps are remarkably small. Save memory onyour device.
Mathways-solver.com algebra 1.0.8
MyMath description
BABY MONITOR 3G - Babymonitor for Parents 5.0.54
BABY MONITOR 3G works across most of modern phones or tablets youhave at home and you can use them in any combination.EASY TO USETheapp requires two devices. One device stays in the child’s room,while the other one stays with you. Initial setup takes less than30 seconds.LIVE HD VIDEO ANYWHEREApplication transfers live HDvideo from the child´s room to you over both wifi and cellularconnection. To save data, you can switch to lower quality or tostill photos.UNLIMITED REACHBABY MONITOR 3G supports both WIFI and3G/LTE networks. You can have a baby monitor with unlimited yearthat can be used anywhere without worrying about a weak WiFisignal.ACTIVITY LOGBABY MONITOR 3G allows you to check, how oftenwas your baby awake, discover its sleeping patterns and replaysounds from current or any previous monitoring.NIGHT MODEThisfeature turns the app into a night mode so you can comfortablycheck your phone placed on the nightstand even during the nightwithout any unnecessary distraction.TALK TO YOUR BABYSimply press abutton and speak. Your child will be always one tap away fromyou.SECURE AND RELIABLEReliability and privacy are our biggestconcerns. You always know the battery level of the baby station,and stability of internet connection is carefully monitored. In theunlikely event something goes amiss, you’re notified immediately.
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