Bader Asalwa Приложения

Hotel Simulation 1.0
Bader Asalwa
You can make 3D virtual tour in Palestine Hotel, use virtualbuttons in the bottom of the screen to navigate the view in thehotel, you can walk through the hotel, open doors, moving elevator,enter rooms, etc...This is a demo project can be customized for many buildings.if you interested contact us:Ramallah-
Special Police 3
Bader Asalwa
Multiplayer FPS Game for Android, iOS, Windows Phone and PC’s, thegame story about helping the police to save the relics fromthief’s. There will be two groups of Players, one are Police andother are Thief’s, and the players can create or join to game roomsfreely.You can play where you are!
Space Geometry 1.0
Bader Asalwa
ConceptsLessonsQuizzesAmazing 3D GraphicsEasy to use
Fizzy Cars 1.1
Bader Asalwa
Fizzy cars! Its a new concept of racing games. It took 330 workinghours during 13 months!It includes very Funny Cars, CrazyenvironmentFeatures:1- Six Types of race2- Five Cars3- TwoEnvironments and Racetrack.4- Customizing Cars5- Replay6- FunnyGraphics and Models.There are 6 Racing Types:::1- Circuit2- LabKnockout3- Time Trial4- Speed Trap5- Checkpoint6- EliminationEverything is un-usual!I'am happy to hear feedback from you:)[email protected]
com.WaseetWebsite.weseet 1.0
Bader Asalwa
هذا التطبيق تابع لجريدة الوسيط، بإمكانك تصفح الإعلانات المبوبة منخلاله بالإضافة الى تصفح الجريدةوبامكانك طلب الإعلان بالجريدة منخلال التطبيق نفسه بحيث يقوم فريق الدعم الفني بالمتابعة معك خلال 24ساعة!This application continued to newspaper intermediary, you canbrowse through the classifieds as well as to browse thenewspaperYou can request the ad Gazette through the applicationitself so that the technical support team follow up with you within24 hours!
Fizzy Drive 1
Bader Asalwa
Fizzy cars! Its a new concept of car games. It contains very FunnyCars & Fantastic environmentTypes of play:1- Free Ride2-Highway3- ArenaFeatures:1- Wonderful fantastic environment.2-15-types of cars3- Three playing modes (Free Ride, Highway,Arena)I'am happy to hear feedback from you:)[email protected]
والضحى 0.1
Bader Asalwa
تطبيق يخص سورة الضحى من القرآن الكريم يحتوي على: 1- تفسير سورةالضحى2- تأملات بيانية 3- تطبيقات عملية من السورة 4- إشراقات بيانية5-أسباب نزول السورة 6- تلاوة بعدة قراءات Application of Surah Al-Duha from the Holy Quran it contains: 1 - Interpretation ofSuratAl - Duha 2 - graphic reflections 3 - Practical applicationsofSura 4 - graphical breakthroughs 5 - the reasons for the descentofSura 6 - Recitation of several readings
Nu Break / Progressive Breaks | Norayla gelen kisi 3 yanıt, BlackkCanary. - | After the .... - Raw Chap 10