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Lands Department, HKSAR Government
About MyMapHK "MyMapHK" is an "All-in-One" mobile map app, whichprovides members of the public a convenient and on-the-go access tothe official maps published by the Lands Department and integratedgeospatial information about public facilities in Hong Kong."MyMapHK" provides: - Up-to-date, detailed bilingual base map ofHong Kong published by the Lands Department. - Ortho map of HongKong published by the Lands Department. - Over 120 types of publicfacility data integrated from different government departments. -Different themes, namely "Map of Hong Kong", "Hiking", "Old HongKong", "Election" and "Offline Map", with categorical geospatialinformation and specific functions to account for different users'needs. More themes will be subsequently available. - Point to PointPublic Transport Route Search. - Intelligent location search enginewith speech-to-text feature. - "Nearby Facilities" functions whichsearches the facilities located within 1 km buffer area of theuser's current map viewing location. - "Facility Display Short Key"which enables the overlaying of a particular type of facility ontothe map. - "My Location" function which allows users to view theirapproximate current location on the map. - "Location Bookmark"function which allows users to bookmark a location on the map forfurther reference. - "Share Map" function which offers two options,namely "Share Map URL" and "Share Map Image", so that users canshare the current map view with others. - Useful map tools, such asmeasurement tool, magnifier, etc. Note: "MyMapHK" requires aninternet connection. Using "MyMapHK", data transmission fees may beincurred for transmitting data through mobile devices. You aresuggested keeping track of data usage from time to time. Although"MyMapHK" is a free application, user may be charged by theirmobile network service provider on the use of data service. Thesecharges can be very expensive on roaming. Please ensure that theoption of "Data Roaming" have been disabled in the mobile phonesettings. The estimated location provided by the mobile device maydeviate from your actual location. The accuracy depends on the GPSon your device. "MyMapHK" features an automatic rotation of map.When enabled, the map is automatically rotated based on thedirection reported by the device's built-in magnetometers in whichthe device is pointing. The accuracy may vary depends on multiplefactors such as the type of the magnetometer and local magneticfields. “MyMapHK” operates on Android version 4.0.3 or above.
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