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YP - The Real Yellow Pages 6.5.1 LLC
YP – the even-more-powerful Yellow Pages, helps you connectinstantly with great local businesses. Find over 20 millionbusiness listings, browse menus, search by cuisine, book a table,see showtimes, find cheap gas, and navigate with maps. YP alwayshelps you get it done, in a snap. What else? • Save and share yourfavorite go-to businesses with the mybook feature, includingtheaters, shops & more • Find the food you’re in the mood forby browsing restaurant menus (where available) • Request a ride tothat business in seconds, directly from Uber • Order food directlyfrom the app with our GrubHub integration • Access showtimes andbuy movie tickets directly from the app with our Fandango®integration • Find the nearest gas, by price, grade, or location –wherever you are • See service menus for doctors, attorneys,salons, auto repair and more – with pricing and other helpfuldetails • Make personal notes about your bookmarked businesses •Use maps to easily find your bookmarked places • Browse ratings,reviews and photos YP can do that.
YP (tablet version) 4.3.3 LLC
Find over 20 million local business listings, includingrestaurants, movies, auto shops, hotels, even find cheap gas. Plus,save your favorite go-to businesses to My Book so you never have tosearch for them again. YP – it’s theeven-more-powerful-so-you-can-do-anything, Yellow Pages.What else?•Make My Book collections such as Food, Shopping, Car, Home, Healthand Fun, or create your own custom collections• Add notes to MyBook entries such as favorite dishes, salesperson’s names, directtelephone numbers or estimates• Easily share businesses withfriends and family• Automatically updated business info, includingnew numbers, addresses and directions• One-touch calling fromlistings and search results• Ratings and reviews• Restaurant menuswithin the app (where available)• Coupons for nearby businesses*YPcan do that.℠*Some restrictions may apply. Please call first toconfirm the business will accept this coupon. Not all businessesaccept mobile coupons.
Gas Guru: Cheap gas prices 2.3.0 LLC
Don’t empty your wallet at the pump… Gas Guru helps you save time,effort, and money before you hit the road! Quickly find the bestgas prices nearby. Do you always find yourself filling up near homeor down the street from work? Label and save your frequentlocations for easy access to up to date prices. You can even save afew extra cents by comparing the price of gas near work, home, orother favorite locations to find the cheapest available. Tap to getdirections, view the time of the last price update, and more.Download the app today, rev up those engines, and hit the road!Features: · Find cheap gas prices near you** · Full list ofamenities, fuel types and services available for each gas station.· Filter your searches based on amenities like cash discount, ATM,24Hr etc. · Compare gas prices near work, home, or other favoritelocations · Label and save your frequent locations for easy accessto cheap gas nearby · Filter your search by gas/fuel grade and viewresults by map or list view · Get the detailed info you need –directions, maps, prices of all grades, address, time of last gasprice update, and more A handy road companion, Gas Guru makes iteasy to save money and get more of what you need on the go.Download Gas Guru now! Be safe, don’t be a distracted driver… **Service Station and Fuel Price Data provided by OPIS (Oil PriceInformation Service) in cooperation with Wright Express
YP for Business 3.8.7 LLC
With the YP for Business℠ app, advertisers can manage their onlinepresence and leads on the go. This app provides real-timenotification to help advertisers avoid missing any important calls.It also provides easy to use - at your fingertips - tools to helpadvertisers “look their best” online, all the time.With the YP forBusiness℠ app, advertisers can:• Receive missed call notificationsalmost immediately from their YP℠ advertisements.• Use call backand messaging options.• Create a “To Do” List for following up oncalls anytime.• Add or update information to business listings• View a summary of their online presence, listings acrosstop sites, online reviews and social activity.• View impressions,clicks and leads across all campaigns• Communicate with their YPsupport team when help is needed.IMPORTANT: Users must have anactive YP business account in order to get the full benefits of theYP for Business℠ app.YP℠ is the leader in digital marketingsolutions for local businesses. Our mission is to connect localbusinesses with potential customers wherever they are – mobile,online and in print. Our customized solutions and service andsolutions are designed to address the evolving local search needsof consumers and help local businesses grow.
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