1.3 / July 18, 2017
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US Army Commando Hero Counter Terrorist WarFPSis the best realistic and unique US Army action shooting game.In USArmy Commando Hero Counter Terrorist War FPS you are not acontractkiller,assassin,terrorist rather you will definitely feelas a bestreal army commando in this first person sniper shootingarmy game.This critical strike war has started few hours ago, yourarmyopponent and terrorists have attacked on your army base witharmytanks , navy ships , navy occupied helicopter, and latestsnipers.Your best US army commandos try to stop them like superheroes butthey could not survive much and enemy US army killsthem. It's a bigarmy attack on the hub root of your county. Thecritical red alertsiren is ringing so wear your US army uniformand get ready to stopthe terrorists to enter in your US homeland.Your US armyopponents,terrorists,assassins,murderers andterrorists are veryclever and seem in preparation to makeoperation against your army.In such situation your US super armyneeds a brave and young armysoldier who can make a super plan todestroy this giant monsterplanning and save like a super hero. Youare promoted from grandcity duty to naval border for US army helpon the US navy ship soget ready by loading yoursniper,ak47,pistol,shotgun and kill theterrorists to save yourcountry likea patriotic super herocommando.

You've stepped into the US army battle, this US army baselocationhas many monster like enemies and they strollonoff-road,hills,deserts and Mountains. So are you ready tothrillyourself? If yes, then pick up the latest rifle or sniper orpistoland pull the trigger to kill the US enemy coming your way andmakea critical strike. Strike hard for your survival in this realUSarmy Commando counter terrorist war fps game. Use yourlatestsniper rifles , guns and firearm to take the extreme headshot andbody shot. This sniper rifle is especially designed to bedeliveredto best shooter with an especially powerful zoom,limitlessammunition with powerful pierce bullets. In this US armyCommandogame your task is to shoot the terrorists with guns andbullets inthe game. Be desperate as steady furious killer todestroy anddemolish your opponent US army commandoes. Be preparedyourself forbig epic commando battle, grab your ak47, bazooka,rifle,pistolsand advance asla to make competition with opponentterrorists andbe a counter terrorist. Show no mercy make a perfecttarget againstterrorists army by using your US army training skillslearned bysenior US army commando in US army training school forsupercommando like a hero. Avoid shooting against civilians.Eliminateall repetitive threats to army bases with headshots inthis easy USArmy Hero Counter Terrorist War FPS free shooter game.Completeshooting mission in duty army real counter terrorist 3dgame. Killdifferent 3D targets and show unique skills in massiveshootingfree fps offline game with multiple weapons in limitedtime.

Your US army mission is to use your army guns like ak47 ,sniperrifle and sniper skills to take out each enemy and to protectthearmy commando base in order to get onto the next level. Withthehelp of the cool-down mechanic in the game that steadies thesniperrifle to help you get your perfect shot on the army enemy. Ifyoudon't get all the enemy soldiers and army commandos beforeyourhealth is depleted, you will lose. With each level comes moreenemycommando soldiers who will move into position to take you downlikea super hero. Harness you shooting skills and become thegreatestarmy hero survivor to defeat the enemy armycommandoterrorists.

Features of US Army Commando Hero Counter Terrorist WarFPSGame

=> Outstanding real life army weapons
=> Awesome 3D environment
=> Breathtaking 3D Navy prison ship environment
=> Army vs terrorist chase adventure missions
=> Realistic but impossible stunts
=> Challenging gameplay
=> Smooth & simple controls
=> Stealth action mechanism

App Information US Army Commando Hero Counter Terrorist War FPS

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    US Army Commando Hero Counter Terrorist War FPS
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  • Updated
    July 18, 2017
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  • Requires Android
    Android 4.0 and up
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  • Developer
    Mine Games Craft
  • Installs
    500 - 1,000
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  • Developer
    Email [email protected]
    132-A WapdaTown Lahore
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